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A Trump County Confronts the Administration Amid a Rash of Child Cancers - The New York Times
Still, she said, she did not regret her vote. “Trump’s a businessman. There are great things he can do for our country. But he’s used to building high rises for money,” she said. “He’s not as environmentally savvy. Our hope is that he surrounds himself with people who are more knowledgeable.”
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january 2019 by ramitsethi
About a lamp - torch - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]

Adventure, drama, thrilling escapes, cunning puzzles, math, eggs, Marines, scientists, Athosians, sex, alcohol, architecture, ghosts, bird-watching, and energy conservation. And a lamp.
ancienttech  p:rodney/john  f:sga  brainwashing  l:atlantis  zpm 
july 2018 by miss_speller
Opinion | A Generation Emerging From the Wreckage - The New York Times
They looked at me like I was from Mars. “That’s the way powerful white males talk about America,” one student said. When I asked how they were taught American history, a few said they weren’t taught much of it.
brainwashing  education  liberalBias 
february 2018 by Jswindle
Breitbart -- UK Education Giant Unveils Hard-Left, Identity Politics-Pushing LGBT Classroom Programme
'Announcing an ‘LGBT-inclusive’ update to all of its products, education giant Pearson has launched a guide to pushing ‘social justice’ activism in every part of the school curriculum. -- ‘Creating an LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum’ was produced by LGBT activist group Stonewall and is sponsored by Pearson, which owns the exam board Edexcel and publishes thousands of school textbooks as one of the UK’s biggest education companies. -- ... Advice on teaching maths includes an example lesson in which children learn about codebreaker Alan Turing. Teachers are instructed to “provide pupils with some information about Alan Turing’s life, including the arrest and trial for his relationship with another man”, and to introduce a discussion on “the historical treatment of gay people by the secret services”. -- In history lessons, pupils should “study the links between different social justice movements”, while art teachers are urged to “explore the way that art has been, and is being, used to effect social and political change, including LGBT equality, race equality and tackling climate change”. -- The handbook calls for schools to push a left-wing agenda across every subject, recommending science teachers “explore gender stereotypes and barriers to participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects”. -- Suggested activities include tasking pupils with devising a campaign to get more women involved in STEM, and discussing questions such as “Why is it important that diverse groups of people, including LGBT people, enter STEM professions?” -- Pearson’s president for core markets, Rod Bristow, said the company will use the handbook to “help update our own products and resources to ensure they are LGBT inclusive”. -- UKIP education spokesman David Kurten stated that the “despicable” move is bad news for children and parents, who he pointed out will “effectively have no choice but to be exposed” to politicised education material due to Pearson’s position as the largest supplier of textbooks for schools, and the owner of Britain’s largest exam board, Edexcel. -- “Maths should be about maths, it should not be about sexualizing children,” he told Breitbart London, warning the new textbooks will make it significantly more difficult for parents “to protect their children from the malign influence of left-wing identity politics”.'
rkselectiontheory  decadence  brainwashing  education  UK 
february 2018 by adamcrowe
The College Fix -- SHOCK VIDEO: Students undergo 'disturbing sensory experiences' to drive out prejudice
'...After students viewed the “immersive live theatrical experience presenting a collective of raw and emotional performances,” as it has been described, they are taken into a room and debriefed by professors or other campus leaders about how the skits made them feel and what they should do to better combat oppression. -- After one such performance earlier this month, a student group that experienced the journey together then engaged in a discussion during which the professor leading the talk said President Donald Trump is a racist, and also encouraged the students to fight against oppression. -- “It is our sincere hope that by exposing students to the oppressive systems in society they’ll take a look at how we all participate in these systems and hopefully commit to changing oppressive patterns and behaviors,” Savage told SDSU’s News Center in 2014. -- The journey is hosted by the public university’s Residential Education division. Students are advised they are allowed to leave the journey if it becomes too intense for them.'
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november 2017 by adamcrowe
The Cut -- The Men Taking Classes to Unlearn Toxic Masculinity
'...The program bills itself as a class where men “learn how social constructs of masculinity harm them and the people around them, and work to construct healthier masculinities.” Or, as Hicks puts it, “It was eight weeks of guys discussing how they can address their actions with better self-awareness and less toxicity.” -- “We spoke of emotional labor, consent, violence, communication, empathy, and vulnerability,” he adds, noting that the last subject, in particular, was a struggle for him: “[I was] trained and conditioned to be tough growing up.” -- The Rethink program is the latest in a growing number of courses targeted toward people who identify as men, including the Men’s Project at the University of Wisconsin, Masculinity 101 at Brown, and the Duke Men’s Project at Duke. The goal, proponents say, is to help men examine their own biases and behaviors in order to cut down on misogyny and gender-based violence. -- There’s no doubt that the problems these classes aim to tackle are pervasive ones — a reality that’s been made especially, painfully clear in recent days and weeks, as the Harvey Weinstein revelations have pushed discussions of sexual assault and harassment to the forefront. But can a class really be enough to chip away at something so deeply entrenched? -- ... Since the class ended, Hicks says, he feels he has “been more deliberate about expressing emotions and making space for people.” (Over the summer, the class facilitators asked Hicks to become a co-director of the program, noting that he had been one of the most vocal participants.) -- “You won’t be transformed by a ten-week class, but you’ve got to start somewhere. And ten weeks is better than no weeks,” Mankowski says. Those who are really committed to making a change, though, shouldn’t expect a one-and-done scenario: “The key is continued examination. You will have a difficult time maintaining anything unless you continue working on it.”' -- How many fingers, Winston?
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october 2017 by adamcrowe
Request: Cas/Angels noncon, Cas/Dean, forced breeding, punishment and brainwashing, rescue
Castiel goes back to Heaven and is detained by the angels. Naomi straps him to the chair and roots around in his brain. After a week of sessions an angel comes in and rapes him. Castiel doesn't understand why he can't bring himself to kill the angel but he does fight back. This goes for a few days, treatment then rape then treatment until it's declared that he is breed. Castiel immediately aborts the malignant birth and he's severely punished for it. It goes on until he doesn't fight the angel raping him and one day he doesn't abort the life growing inside him.

Dean gets Cas back after Cas has given birth a few times (speeding up time in Heaven or angel gestation) and Cas doesn't know how to feel, relieved and trapped and happy and wrong yada yada. Dean holds him and centers him but, Cas realizes why he's here, that Dan must breed him. He begs and presents and cries. Dean can give in or magically restrain Cas until they can get the angel back to normal. But, even then Cas clings to Dean and wants Dean to breed him.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  punishment  brainwashing  pairing:castiel/omc(s)  noncon 
october 2017 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Dean, Sam, Cas - pet!Cas, caged, brainwashed
Cas returns from a hunt to find the boys are under the effect of a spell. One that has convinced them angels are pets. Intelligent ones but pets nonetheless. They treat Cas as if he wandered into the bunker by accident. Dean distracts Cas long enough for Sam to use some kind of angel sedative on him. He wakes up in a cage. Collared with something that inhibits his Grace and which he can't remove. The Winchesters aren't unkind to him. They try to train him but he is to them a pet. He tries to persuade them but they don't seem to understand. When they decide to bathe him, he tries to escape and damages the Impala so they punish him. Up to you if this is a severe spanking or something else but it hurts badly and then Cas is shoved back into his cage and a cover put over it.

The brothers wake up next morning and the spell has finally worn off. The cage they find is a bit of a surprise. When they find a traumatised Cas inside they are horrified. When they realise it was them, they are stricken. But Cas needs them though it takes some doing to coax Cas out of the cage and settle him. And then to persuade him to stay. He's not angry with them, just hurt and skittish. More angry at himself than anything, for his reaction and for not being able to protect the boys.
:spn  fps  brainwashing  kink:pet-play 
october 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Cas.other, Cas/Dean, abo, forced mating, pining, brainwashingish
I'm so mean… so I would love a story where Cas is an omega who is in love with Dean. They are forcefully separated and an alpha takes and bites Cas all the while Cas his fighting him saying he wants Dean and only Dean. The alpha doesn't care and promises that once they are mated that Cas' mind will eventually follow his body. For a year Cas is mated to the alpha and each time they couple or kiss Cas repeats that he wants Dean, he falls asleep to the mantra that he wants Dean. But it's become almost a meaningless saying at the point as Cas becomes a willing mate to his alpha.

Enter Dean who has escaped and tracked Cas down. Cas barely recognises him, any feelings are muted by the wrongness of another alpha so close. But when he learns the alpha's name his mantra falls from his lips. In order to break his bond and mate with Dean he has to truly want it but although Cas says he wants Dean he doesn't know what that means anymore and Dean is going to have to convince the omega he is worth fighting for. I would like Cas to be a little broken, he's not blissfully happy he's just forgotten why he didn't want to be mated to his alpha. Also they don't have a kid, they could've miscarried but no children between the alpha and Cas please.
:spn  fps  pairing:castiel/omc(s)  pairing:dean/castiel  alpha/beta/omega  mating  pining  brainwashing 
october 2017 by Mayalaen
In the Sepulcher by the Sea c7
In the end though, as her chest finally gives in, she thinks if there was one last thing she could say, anything at all, it wouldn’t be that she wasn’t afraid—hell, she was fucking terrified—rather, it would be her telling them that if tazing Thor was what gave her this family in the first place, then she would gladly taze him again—just to be sure—and maybe hit him with the van like Jane did. Twice.
fic  fandom:thor  brainwashing  wip  fandom:avengers 
july 2017 by fyveryunoriginal
Document:Project Monarch
Nazi Mind Control
Amidst the subtle cerebral circumvention of the gullible populace, through a multitude of manipulated mediums, lies one of the most diabolical atrocities perpetrated upon a segment of the human race; a form of systematic mind control which has permeated every aspect of society for almost fifty years.
To fully understand what follows, one may need to re-examine preconceived ideologies relating to the dualistic nature of mankind. Resolving the philosophical question of whether we are inherently good or inherently evil is tantamount to shaping our perception of reality; specifically, the spiritual variable within the equation of life.
This exposition is substantiated by declassified U.S. government documents, individuals formerly connected to the U.S. intelligence communities, historical writings, researchers knowledgeable in mind control, publications from mental health practitioners, and interviews taken from survivors unwittingly subjected to a highly complex form of trauma-based mind control known as MONARCH programming.
A word of caution for survivors of intensively systematic mind control and/or some form of ritualized abuse: There are numerous “triggers” in this article. It is therefore recommended not to read it unless appropriate support systems are in place or if you have a thoroughly reintegrated personality
A Brief History of Control
The Mystery Religions of ancient Egypt, Greece, India and Babylon helped lay the foundation for occultism, meaning “hidden knowledge.” One of the earliest writings giving reference to occultism is the Egyptian Book of the Dead, a compilation of rituals explicitly describing methods of torture and intimidation (to create trauma), the use of potions (drugs) and the casting of spells (hypnotism), ultimately resulting in the total enslavement of the initiate. [1] These have been the main ingredients for a part of occultism known as Satanism, throughout the ages. During the 13th Century, the Roman Catholic church increased and solidified its dominion throughout Europe with the infamous Inquisition. Satanism survived this period of persecution, deeply entrenching itself under the veil of various esoteric groups.
In 1776, a Bavarian Jesuit by the name of Adam Weishaupt was commissioned by the House of Rothschild to centralize the power base of the Mystery Religions into what is commonly known as the Illuminati, meaning “Enlightened Ones.” This was an amalgamation of powerful occultic bloodlines, elite secret societies and influential Masonic fraternities, with the desire to construct the framework for a “New World Order.” The outward goal of this Utopia was to bring forth universal happiness to the human race. However, their underlying intention was to gradually increase control over the masses, thus becoming masters of the planet.
The Anglo Alliance
By the 19th century, Great Britain and Germany were recognized as the primary geographic areas of Illuminati control. It then should be of little surprise to know the first work in Behavioral Science research was established in England in 1882, while much of the early medical and psychiatric techniques involved in mind control were pioneered at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was set up in London in 1921 to study the “breaking point” of humans. Kurt Lewin, a German psychologist, became the director of the Tavistock Institute in 1932, about the same time Nazi Germany was increasing its research into neuropsychology, parapsychology and multi-generational occultism.
Interestingly, a progressive exchange of scientific ideas was taking place between England and Germany, most notably in the field of eugenics: the movement devoted to “improving” the human species through the control of hereditary factors in mating. The nefariously enigmatic union between the two countries was bonded, partly through the Order of the Golden Dawn, a secret society which consisted of many high ranking officials in the Nazi party and British aristocracy. Top SS Nazi officer Heinrich Himmler, was in charge of a scientific project called Lebersborn, which included selective breeding and adoption of children, a peculiarly large number of twins among them. [2] The purpose of the program was to create a super-race (Aryans) who would have total allegiance to the cause of the Third Reich(New World Order).
Much of the preliminary experimentation concerning genetic engineering and behavior modification was conducted by Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz, where he coldly analyzed the effects of trauma-bonding, eye-coloring and “twinning” upon his victims. Beside the insidious surgical experimentation performed at the concentration camp, some of the children were subjected to massive amounts of electroshock. Sadly, many of them did not survive the brutality.
Concurrently, “brain-washing” was carried out on inmates at Dachau, who were placed under hypnosis and given the hallucinogenic drug mescaline. During the war, parallel behavioral research was led by Dr. George Estabrooks of Colgate University. His involvement with the Army, CID, FBI and other agencies remains shrouded in secrecy. However, Estabrooks would occasionally “slip” and discuss his work involving the creation of hypno-programmed couriers and hypnotically-induced split personalities. [3]
After WWII, the U.S. Department of Defense secretly imported many of the top German Nazi and Italian Fascist scientists and spies into the United States via South America and the Vatican. The code name for this operation was Project PAPERCLIP.[4] One of the more prominent finds for the U.S. was German General Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s Chief of Intelligence against Russia. Upon arriving in Washington D.C. in 1945, Gehlen met extensively with President Truman, General William “Wild Bill” Donovan, Director of the Office of Strategic Services(OSS) and Allen Dulles, who would later become the stalwart head of the CIA. The objective of their brain-storming sessions was to reorganize the nominal American intelligence operation, transforming it into a highly-efficient covert organization. The culmination of their efforts produced the Central Intelligence Group in 1946, renamed the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) in 1947.
Reinhard Gehlen also had profound influence in helping to create the National Security Council, from which the National Security Act of 1947 was derived. This particular piece of legislation was implemented to protect an unconscionable number of illegal government activities, including clandestine mind control programs.
The Evolution of Project MKULTRA
With the CIA and National Security Council firmly established, the first in a series of covert brain-washing programs was initiated by the Navy in the fall of 1947. Project CHATTER was developed in response to the Soviet’s “successes” through the use of “truth drugs.” This rationale, however was simply a cover story if the program were to be exposed. The research focused on the identification and testing of such drugs for use in interrogations and the recruitment of agents.[5] The project was officially terminated in 1953.
The CIA decided to expand their efforts in the area of behavior modification, with the advent of Project BLUEBIRD, approved by director Allen Dulles in 1950. Its objectives were to;
discover a means of conditioning personnel to prevent unauthorized extraction of information from them by known means,
investigate the possibility of control of an individual by application of special interrogation techniques,
investigate memory enhancement and
establish defensive means for preventing hostile control of agency personnel.
In August 1951, Project BLUEBIRD was renamed Project ARTICHOKE, which evaluated offensive uses of interrogation techniques, including hypnosis and drugs The program ceased in 1956. Three years prior to the halt of Project ARTICHOKE, Project MKULTRA came into existence on April 13, 1953 along the lines proposed by Richard Helms, Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (DDCI) with the rationale of establishing a “special funding mechanism of extreme sensitivity.” [6]
The hypothetical etymology of “MK” may possibly stand for “Mind Kontrolle.” The obvious translation of the German word “Kontrolle” into English is “control.” [7] A host of German doctors, procured from the post war Nazi talent pool, were an invaluable asset toward the development of MKULTRA. The correlation between the concentration camp experiments and the numerous sub-projects of MKULTRA are clearly evident. The various avenues used to control human behavior under MKULTRA included radiation, electroshock, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, anthropology, graphology, harassment substances and paramilitary devices and materials “LSD” being the most widely dispensed “material”. A special procedure, designated MKDELTA, was established to govern the use of MKULTRA abroad. MKULTRA/DELTA materials were used for harassment, discrediting or disabling purposes. [8] Of the 149 subprojects under the umbrella of MKULTRA having been identified, Project MONARCH, officially begun by the U.S. Army in the early 1960’s (although unofficially implemented much earlier) appears to be the most prominent and is still classified as TOP SECRET for “National Security” reasons. [9] MONARCH may have culminated from MKSEARCH subprojects, such as operation SPELLBINDER, which was set up to create “sleeper” assassins (i e. “Manchurian candidates”) who could be activated upon receiving a key word or phrase while in a post-hypnotic trance. Operation OFTEN, a study which attempted to harness the power of occultic forces was possibly one of several cover programs to hide the insidious reality of Project MONARCH.
Definition and Description
The name MONARCH is not necessarily defined within the context of royal nobility, but rather refers to the monarch butterfly. When a person is undergoing trauma induced by electroshock, a … [more]
MindControl  Psyops  Psy-Ops  MKUltra  ProjectMonarch  CIA  Brainwashing  Illuminati 
july 2017 by juandante
Request: Lucifer/Winchesters, brainwashing, noncon
Lucifer!Castiel slowly adds adds angel come to the boys food, making them just that little bit more pliant each time, until his suggestions are obeyed as orders.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean/lucifer  brainwashing  noncon  casifer  Lucifer!Castiel 
july 2017 by Mayalaen
Aeon Essays -- [Terror, Love and Brainwashing: Attachment in Cults and Totalitarian Systems] by Alexandra Stein
'...For a totalist system to wield complete control, the leader must tap fear – this is the fourth element of totalism. The process of brainwashing that totalist systems engage in is one of psychological, coercive manipulation where the leader or group alternates terror with ‘love’. Bowlby said that when we are frightened, we don’t simply run away from the fear, but run to a safe haven, ‘to someone…’ – and that someone is usually a person to whom we feel attached. But when the supposed safe haven is also the source of the fear, then running to that person is a failing strategy, causing the frightened person to freeze, trapped between approach and avoidance. -- Mary Main, the renowned attachment researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, called this type of fear-based relationship ‘disorganised attachment’. This has a two-fold result: a confused emotional bonding to the source of fear in a failed attempt to seek comfort, and a cognitive dissociation, that is, the inability to think about one’s feelings. Fear or stress without escape – ‘fright without solution’, as attachment researchers refer to it – is a traumatic state that derails a person’s ability to think logically and clearly about the situation and therefore to take action to resolve it. Further, never achieving safety from the threat, they will keep returning to the relationship trying to gain that safety. Having disabled logical thinking about the traumatic relationship, the leader can then introduce even more of the fictitious ideology to explain away and redirect the follower’s terror. -- It’s a positive feedback loop with a biochemical element: physiologically, the victim is engaged in an effort to manage their cortisol or anxiety levels by seeking proximity to a safe haven, but never succeeding in attaining adequate comfort. It is for this reason that we can predict that cultic systems will attempt to interfere with and control any alternative attachment relationships a person might have. To fail to do so would allow the follower to find a safe haven elsewhere and potentially escape the emotional and cognitive control of the group. This is the same thing we see in controlling relationships such as in cases of domestic violence, of the Stockholm Syndrome or, frequently, with pimps and prostitutes, as well as in human trafficking. -- ... Every day in the media we can see the destructive power of this coercive psychological control put in place by pathological leaders. Whether it is parents who neglect or abuse children under a leader’s command, or terrorist fighters who blow themselves up for a fictional liberation, or parishioners impoverished by so-called ‘prosperity’ preachers, getting people to this point requires the conditions and processes I have outlined here. Once this fear-based control is in place, it is quite difficult to break: the follower’s dissociation and disorganised emotional attachment to the leader or group makes it extremely difficult to look clearly at what is happening. In fact, any attempt to do so only creates more fear, causing further disorganised bonding to the group to attempt to ease the stress.' -- It's hard to get enough of something that almost works. ~ Vincent Felitti
psychology  attachment  cults  totalitarianism  brainwashing  doublebind  stockholmsyndrome  addiction 
june 2017 by adamcrowe -- Children told to ‘respect’ killers in 'Talking About Terrorism' teaching aid for schools
'The book, Talking About Terrorism, published weeks before the Manchester Arena atrocity, describes the indiscriminate mass murder of innocent members of the public as a “type of war”. -- It tells primary age children that terrorists kill people because they believe they are being treated “unfairly and not shown respect”. -- It gives examples of “terrorists” whose ideas then turn out to be right: “The Suffragettes used violence and were called terrorists...” it stated. “Today many people think of them as brave women and admire their struggle for the right to vote.”' -- Because victim
UK  marxism  victimhood  miniluv  education  brainwashing  indoctrination  cowardice  stockholmsyndrome 
may 2017 by adamcrowe
The Rational Male -- Teach Your Children Well
'"In honor of International Men’s Day, this picture serves as a grim reminder that boys are often pressured to succumb to gendered expectations. Last year, a group of fourth grade boys was asked to list what they don’t like about being male, and the sad results were projected in the classroom. It’s important to consider what we are teaching young boys about what it means to be a man or masculine. How do you approach gender expectations with your children?" -- The question, “What I don’t like about being a boy” seems fairly innocuous, but in a feminine-correct social awareness it becomes a litmus test to gauge how well these boys have internalized feminine-correct, conditioned beliefs. Read the list of offending grievances: #Not being able to be a mother #Not supposed to cry #Not allowed to be a cheerleader #Supposed to do all the work #Supposed to like violence #Supposed to play football #Boys smell bad #Having an automatic bad reputation #Grow hair everywhere -- The list reads like the table of contents from the textbook of exactly what I’d expect from an organized feminine-primary conditioning, however we need to look deeper. It’s important to bear in mind that these uniquely male attributes are grievances these boys wish they could alter about themselves. These boys believe their lives would be improved (perfected) if they could be less like boys and more like girls. Masculine incorrect, feminine correct. -- ... Hardline feminists, female and male, will rattle this trope off in different varieties, but the message is the same, “the Patriarchy hurts men too.” The reason this is standard boilerplate is because it presumes a shared state of feminine-correctness, and a shared state of mutual oppression whether a man is aware of his Patriarchal oppression or not. -- This social convention is really a form of marketeering; selling a solution to a problem it created itself. The true focus isn’t about solving problems created by an imagined male-social dominance, nor is it about marginalizing the less palatable aspects of masculinity. Rather, the true objective is a wholesale elimination of any semblance of conventional masculinity in men.'
rkselectiontheory  fabianism  statism  feminism  predation  hate  brainwashing  abuse  shamingtactics 
may 2017 by adamcrowe
Anonymous: Imagine that Tony was there during WW2 instead of Howard, and somehow (extremis??) he’s lived through until the 21st century thinking that Bucky was dead and then lo and behold Cap2 happens and Tony rescues Bucky and he has to be Bucky and Steve’s guide into the new world

A/N: This fic contains perceived character death, grief/mourning, borderline alcoholism, unsafe medical procedures/experiments, PTSD, and panic attacks — but also a very happy ending. Background pairings are Peggy/Angie and Steve/Pepper.
marvel  avengers  au  bucky_tony  steve  serum!tony  captainamerica  angst  brainwashing 
april 2017 by bekap

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