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Dark Motives and Elective Use of Brainteaser Interview Questions - Highhouse - - Applied Psychology - Wiley Online Library
Brainteaser interview questions such as “Estimate how many windows are in New York” are just one example of aggressive interviewer behaviour that lacks evidence for validity and is unsettling to job applicants. This research attempts to shed light on the motives behind such behaviour by examining the relation between dark‐side traits and the perceived appropriateness of brainteaser interview questions. A representative sample of working adults (n = 736) was presented with a list of interview questions that were either traditional (e.g., “Are you a good listener?”), behavioural (e.g., “Tell me about a time when you failed”), or brainteaser in nature. Results of a multiple regression, controlling for interviewing experience and sex, showed that narcissism and sadism explained the likelihood of using brainteasers in an interview. A subsequent bifactor analysis showed that these dark traits shared a callousness general factor. A second longitudinal study of employed adults with hiring experience demonstrated that perspective‐taking partially mediated the relationship between this general factor and the perceived helpfulness and abusiveness of brainteaser interview questions. These results suggest that a callous indifference and a lack of perspective‐taking may underlie abusive behaviour in the employment interview.
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Hello, World | The White House
Computer science can help us study complex social topics like cooperation, which in turn helps us understand how to help people cooperate more easily and smoothly without even needing to be in the same place.

It's fun to hear the "Hello, world" theme and a puzzle as the first posting from a technical official in government. Better, though, is that the puzzle is about cooperation and an argument that computer science can help us understand cooperation. For a computer scientist in government, this is particularly appropos.
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