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Temporary microglia-depletion after cosmic radiation modifies phagocytic activity and prevents cognitive deficits | Scientific Reports
New drug to treat GCR brain damage, but should be somewhat applicable to conventional brain radiation exposure?
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2 hours ago by asteroza
How Social Isolation Transforms the Brain
Chronic social isolation has debilitating effects on mental health in mammals–for example, it is often associated with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder in humans. Now, a team of Caltech researchers has discovered that social isolation causes the build-up of a particular chemical in the brain, and that blocking this chemical eliminates the negative effects of isolation. The work has potential applications for treating mental health disorders in humans.
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yesterday by flyingcloud
Smarter brains run on sparsely connected neurons -- ScienceDaily
"the more intelligent a person, the fewer dendrites there are in their cerebral cortex"
brain  biology 
2 days ago by amitp
Alcohol, dementia and cognitive decline in the elderly: a systematic review | Age and Ageing | Oxford Academic
there is some evidence to suggest that limited alcohol intake in earlier adult life may be protective against incident dementia later.
alcohol  dementia  alzheimers  neuroscience  brain 
2 days ago by mdpatrick

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