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The brain microenvironment mediates resistance in luminal breast cancer to PI3K inhibition through HER3 activation | Science Translational Medicine
Focusing on ErbB3 in tumor cells and how sensitivity to PI3K inhibition can be increased by blocking ErbB3 signaling - they focus on tumor cells, not clear if some stromal cells might express erbB3 as well. Use ErbB3 Abs, leaving NRG1 alone, although

"Our analysis revealed that NRG-1 is expressed in both the HER2-positive (cancer) and HER2-negative (stromal) cells (fig. S7B) without any significant difference. Together, these data indicate that both stromal and cancer cells within BM express NRG-1 isoforms, and therefore, activation of HER3 can be mediated via autocrine and/or paracrine mechanisms."
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Neurochirurg der Charité im Interview über Hirntumore: „Gliome sind nicht heilbar“
An einem trüben Montag ein trüber #Lesetipp – es geht um #Gliome. Spoiler: die Prognose ist nicht gut.
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yesterday by jchris
The Art and Concept of Self Reflected – Greg Dunn Design
Self Reflected is your brain perceiving itself. It is perhaps the most fundamental self portrait ever created, a hyperdetailed animated representation of human consciousness designed to mirror the functioning of the viewer’s own mind. Self Reflected asks the question whether the brain is uniquely tuned to appreciate its own fractal-like anatomy and elegant, wavelike electrical activity as a consequence of those traits underlying its own construction. It is a work of neonaturalism, inspired by the cutting edge of neuroscience and engineering to expand our understanding of the natural world.
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2 days ago by gdw
How Accurately People Can Draw Well-Known Logos
16% getting it right was typical. People were overconfident. Colors were more accurate than shapes.
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3 days ago by mcherm
Why is Elon Musk Connecting Brains to the Internet? - YouTube
Let's talk Brain Computer Interfaces. BCI's are the next step in human evolution, they are the inevitable upgrade we'll need after the age of smartphones. If done right, they can help us fulfill our wildest fantasies. We'll be able to learn anything, experience anything, and be anywhere in seconds. I'll discuss the philosophical, theoretical, and technical aspects behind the idea.
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