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Aerobic, resistance exercise combo can boost brain power of over 50s: Effects independent of current state of brain health, finds evidence review -- ScienceDaily
"A combination of aerobic and resistance exercises can significantly boost the brain power of the over 50s, finds the most comprehensive review of the available evidence to date."
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21 hours ago by katherinestevens
Neuralink and the Brain's Magical Future - Wait But Why
"We’re going to have the choice of either being left behind and being effectively useless or like a pet—you know, like a house cat or something—or eventually figuring out some way to be symbiotic and merge with AI."
brain  science  ai 
21 hours ago by lawrenceoluyede
Brain Games & Brain Training - Lumosity
For decades, researchers have created tasks that measure cognitive abilities. We’ve adapted some of these tasks and made some of our own, creating 50+ cognitive games.
brain  learning  problems 
yesterday by levifig
Soda Linked to Faster Brain Aging | Psych Central News
“Soda Linked to Faster Brain Aging” #health #nutrition #brain #dementia #aging #brainhealth…
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yesterday by JonClodfelter
LSD microdoses make people feel sharper, and scientists want to know how - The Verge
What we do — and mostly don’t — know about tiny doses of hallucinogens
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yesterday by geetarista

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