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RT : It takes 3.2 sec to RT and help find them this happened in
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21 days ago by mking007
Evolving Arts Ecosystems: A Study of Detroit
In the face of declines in Detroit’s population and economy, the arts have forged a common identity, burnishing the city’s image as a bustling hive of do-it-yourself creative activity. As summed up by one local leader: “When Detroit was at its lowest point, the arts doubled down on community investment when everyone else was gone.”
Bradford  Detroit  Arts  Research 
6 weeks ago by imranx
Stormy House / 嵐の家 / Arashi No Ie
"The first realisation of Stormy House takes place as a video and sound installation in Haworth in November 2018. Entering a space inspired by a Japanese Tea House, the visitor stands between two writing rooms and two writers. Their texts and drawings are the source of an immersive experience, as we listen to a series of stories and dialogues and watch multiple projections across several screens."
Art  Bradford  Immersive  Japan 
november 2018 by imranx
Plans for 'Dubai-style' apartments in Manningham are re-submitted | Bradford Telegraph and Argus
The first application was withdrawn, but has now been resubmitted with the number of studio bedsit rooms reduced from 51 to 35.
housing  bradford  pathetic 
september 2018 by yorksranter
Exclusive: Asylum seeker system in Yorkshire at risk of "catastrophic failure", region's leaders warn Sajid Javid
Local councils say they are being increasingly side-lined and that many towns and cities across the North each have more asylum seekers “clustered in a handful of wards than entire regions in the South and East of the country”.

The future of the £600m contract to provide asylum housing in Yorkshire between 2019 and 2029 was thrown into doubt this summer after it emerged that there were no successful bids to run it when it comes up for renewal next September.
politics  leeds  bradford  yorkshire 
august 2018 by terry
William Bradford (Colonial printer)
William Bradford (May 20, 1660 – May 23, 1752) was an early English printer in North America. He is best known as "the pioneer printer of the Middle colonies" and the head of a family that included publishers for 140 years. He was also known for controversies regarding freedom of the press.
William  Bradford  Books  Media  Newspapers  Paper  Printing  History  US 
july 2018 by dbourn
MA State Library's Digital Version of William Bradford's "Of Plymouth Plantation"
This codex manuscript by Plymouth colonist William Bradford documents the life and travels of the Pilgrims from 1608-1647. It was during this time in which they departed England for the Netherlands, organized themselves as a company to settle in America, and weathered several decades of life in North America.
William  Bradford  Pilgrims  MA  Massachusetts  History  Books  Libraries  Public  Hebrew  17th  Century  Colonization 
june 2018 by dbourn
RT : The 1774 Canal met the at & had 10 locks. A health hazard, it closed in 188…
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february 2018 by stuartberry1
RT : coming to ! Free workshop:Build a simple website for your business. Join us Feb 1st…
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january 2018 by kevinmarks

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