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All gates open
Electronic monitoring can be used to make people feel like they are in prison, as Kofman details, or it can be oriented toward making containment feel like pleasure, as casino management demonstrates. In either case, data collection is presumed to provide leverage over not just how people behave but how they experience it. Surveillance is made synonymous with "emotion detection" and then emotion correction. The ambition of tech companies and governments alike is to generalize this monitoring and inflect it to indicate an individual's social standing. No one would be free in the sense of being safe from observation; instead everyone would just be in the jail or in the casino. How we are being watched would dictate how we feel, and not whether anyone is watching or not.
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4ocean is Actively Cleaning our Oceans and Coastlines
4ocean offers bracelets made from recycled materials. Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. Join the movement.
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12 weeks ago by TomasMartinez

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