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Android: Firmware-Update BQ Aquaris X Pro ⋆ Kuketz IT-Security Blog
Für die Artikelserie »Take back control!« habe ich das BQ Aquaris X Pro gewählt.
android  firmware  bq 
4 days ago by mager33
BigQueryで待望のUDF(user-defined function)がリリースされたので早速試してみた | feedforce Engineers' blog
BigQueryで待望のUDF(user-defined function)がリリースされたので早速試してみた | feedforce Engineers' blog
bq  udf 
december 2018 by skondo
BigQueryでレインボーテーブル攻撃をしてみた - Qiita
BigQueryでレインボーテーブル攻撃をしてみた - Qiita
december 2018 by skondo
Freeing the Web from the Browser |
constructing your own set of hyperlinks on a (set of) document(s)
this is a familiar idea....
design  browser  bq  linking  links  web 
august 2018 by tswaterman
Big tech stocks tumble / Boing Boing
Yesterday's confident bullshit gets posed against today's naked truth, competing with it until no-one's left who believes anything there.
news  timeline  story  bq 
july 2018 by tswaterman

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