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Fast texture uploads using pixel buffer objects. Improved upload of a 768x1366 texture from 16-20ms to 1-3ms (we can improve the performance a bit more by using GPU default pixel formats)
Fast texture uploads using pixel buffer objects. Improved upload of a 768x1366 texture from 16-20ms to 1-3ms (we can improve the performance a bit more by using GPU default pixel formats) - VideoSurface.cpp
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10 weeks ago by olafyoorsen
DataBank: Colocation, Hybrid, and Connectivity | Data Center Evolved™
Good overview of different cloud models, architectures, and managed services. See Menus "Platforms" and "Solutions".
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december 2018 by cmalamute
Who will be first to use this is the Philippines? — Twilio launches Flex, a fully programm…
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march 2018 by daveove
Institute of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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march 2018 by cmalamute
The Outsourcing Institute
Gateway to the Outsourcing Marketplace
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march 2018 by cmalamute
Intelligent Sourcing
Former Professional Outsourcing Magazine
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february 2018 by cmalamute
Software Outsourcing to the Philippines why outsourcing your next software development makes 100% sense
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july 2017 by mandigital
Maximizing the Value of Patents
MaxVal Group, Inc. is a patent services company based in the Silicon Valley that focuses on optimizing patent lifecycle management.
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october 2016 by shalmaneser

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