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Chapter 33. Conducting a Direct Action Campaign | Section 17. Organizing a Boycott | Main Section | Community Tool Box
Advantages of a boycott
The biggest advantage of a boycott is, of course, the success it can have in forcing an individual or business to change policies your organization wants to see changed.
Why can boycotts be so effective? Basically, because a boycott is an economic tool--and it's being used against those who are accustomed to holding the economic cards. Dollars and cents is the language for-profit corporations understand best; a boycott speaks to them in their terms (even if they don't want to hear the message!). In fact, a nationwide survey conducted in 1991 found that business leaders considered boycotts more effective than letter writing campaigns, lobbying, or even class action suits in convincing them to modify their practices. (See Mousy Magazine in Resources.)
There are other advantages to using a boycott that aren't so obvious. While none of these reasons is probably enough to start a boycott, they are important benefits to be aware of.

Boycotts let people put their money where their values are. Boycotts offer people in the community a way to stand up for what they believe in. If the boycott is well organized, it allows people to stand up for their beliefs in a way that is easy and relatively painless. In short--a boycott encourages civic responsibility for community members.
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Buycott | Vote with Your Wallet - UPC Lookup Database, Find Barcode Scanner, Boycott
Buycott is a free app to vote with your wallet. Use UPC Lookup or barcode scans to boycott bad products and find sustainable alternatives.
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