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Auspost Post box chute size - The eBay Community
What is the largest parcel size that can be posted in a street posting box?
Parcels up to 375 long x 250 wide x 80 mm high can be posted in both our red and gold (Express Post) street posting boxes
maximum  parcel  box  chute  size  auspost  red  street  posting  post  send  australia 
5 days ago by 44sunsets
How to Install a Basement Laundry - YouTube ;;;
tags : How to Install a Basement Laundry box - YouTube video thisOldHouse washer washing machine spigot needsEditing ;;;
01:05; dryer vent;
03:20; sump pump below laundry sink
03:55; replace galvanized pipe with pvc “y” fitting
04:20; soldering;
05:30; washing machine valve for both hot & cold water lines;
How  to  Install  a  Basement  Laundry  box  -  YouTube  video  thisOldHouse  washer  washing  machine  spigot  needsEditing  howTo 
6 days ago by neerajsinghvns
How To Manipulate Washer Drain Pipes - Rough Plumbing Examples - YouTube ;;;
tags: How To Manipulate Washer Drain Pipes - Rough Plumbing Examples - YouTube video washing machine laundry box spigot needsEditing ;;;
How  To  Manipulate  Washer  Drain  Pipes  -  Rough  Plumbing  Examples  YouTube  video  washing  machine  laundry  box  spigot  needsEditing 
6 days ago by neerajsinghvns
How Royal Mail builds Britain's iconic letter boxes | Daily Mail Online
The famous red receptacles, which are the most recogiseable of British street furniture, begin life in a workshop near Falkirk in Scotland.
denny  pillar  box 
10 days ago by andyscotuk
New CSS Logical Properties! – Elad Shechter – Medium
about css logical properties: a new way of naming things like padding-left padding-right etc according to reading direction of site
webdesign  web  design  css  logical  properties  rtl  ltr  multi  language  box  model 
14 days ago by piperh

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