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Town reaches settlement on excess taxes for power plant |
A New Hampshire town has reached a settlement with the state’s largest utility to repay millions in excess taxes on a local power plant.
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Bow to pay $10M to Eversource to settle legal battle over power plant value | Concord Monitor
The town of Bow has agreed to pay $10 million to settle a long dispute over how much property tax should be paid by the Merrimack Station power plant, with more than half of the payment coming in the form of tax breaks to Eversource over the next four years.
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Bow school district passes $28.8M budget, plans elementary school renovation next year
School officials in Bow have been waiting to tackle a renovation project at Bow Elementary School. They say the student population is beginning to outgrow the space and the building needs some updates, such as a new HVAC system and a proper fire suppression system.
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march 2019 by eversourcenh
Bow to continue setting money aside for Eversource litigation in next budget
Officials in Bow will continue to set money aside in the next fiscal year for the ongoing Merrimack Station tax litigation, but the municipal tax rate is expected to drop.
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january 2019 by eversourcenh

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