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Visit Anthony Bourdain's Favorite New Jersey Restaurants
Here is the complete list of stops on the food trail, if you’re hoping to follow the trail:

Frank’s Deli, 1406 Main St., Asbury Park
Tony’s Baltimore Grill, 2800 Atlantic Ave., Atlantic City
Dock’s Oyster House, 2405 Atlantic Ave., Atlantic City
Knife & Fork Inn, 3600 Atlantic Ave., Atlantic City
James’ Salt Water Taffy, 1519 Boardwalk, 1325 Boardwalk and 1901 Boardwalk, Atlantic City
Kubel’s, 28 W. Seventh St. Barnegat Light
Lucille’s Country Cooking, 1496 Main St., Barnegat
Donkey’s Place, 12...
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Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Seattle Mark Lanegan Strange Religion - YouTube
Jeff Wiffen
Published on Jun 8, 2018
Keep my hands on the wheel now momma
Gonna honestly try
She looked past the scars and the burned out eyes
You could see I'm no easy ride
She's just the kind who might get you to buy
Some strange religion
This jack of diamonds kicked her heart around
Shoulda known they were walking on holy ground
This life might eventually just be the end of me, will I still be with you
Get in next to me, just keep driving
Cause of you I been alive
And this Buick's a Century, '73 like you
Some strange religion
The Buick's a Century, '73 like you
Some strange religion
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february 2019 by rgl7194
Anthony Bourdain remembered by Mark Lanegan | Food | The Guardian
25 June 1956 - 8 June 2018
The musician remembers his friend, the charismatic chef, author and presenter who was as warm and enthusiastic in private as he was on screen
Mark Lanegan
Sun 16 Dec 2018 03.00 EST Last modified on Tue 18 Dec 2018 05.51 EST
It broke my heart when Tony died. I loved so much about him. His obvious love for life and for people. His balls-out willingness to do whatever was put in front of him. He was ultra-charismatic on television, in his writing, and in person, but totally down to earth with everybody he met. I was a fan for years before we became friends. He seemed like someone who would be great to hang out with. And so it turned out.
I first came across Tony watching his shows on the Travel Channel [No Reservations and The Layover]. Then I got Kitchen Confidential [his 2000 bestseller about working in New York kitchens] and just loved it. A few years later, he got to know Queens of the Stone Age, but I had left the band as a full-time member by that point. The guys had heard he was in town, invited him to a show, and they just hit it off. He had such a great sense of humour. He got them to play Christmas songs in Christmas jumpers on his show. After that, Josh [Homme, Queens of the Stone Age frontman] introduced Tony to my music. He got into it pretty heavily, which I heard about. I found it unbelievably gratifying.
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january 2019 by rgl7194
The consequences of NYC's gentrification
Anthony Bourdain speaks with Lower East Side resident on citizens no longer able to pull themselves up by bootstraps anymore in 57-second video
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january 2019 by gorillaBraun
How Anthony Bourdain Became the Food TV Star of a Generation - The Ringer
Eventually, Brigden realized that he didn’t need Bourdain’s feedback. “His parting gift to me and to everyone, I think, was that he made us better filmmakers,” he said. “And after almost 10 years of working with him, and his guidance, I think he will never leave me. That compass that he set for me will always be with me.”
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december 2018 by evilsofa
10 Chefs on the Incredible Impact of Anthony Bourdain - Vogue
It's what I've always loved about him—he asks the questions that others are afraid to ask, in an honest and genuine way. And always in hopes of changing and challenging things for the better. He did that for me. Thank you, Tony.
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december 2018 by evilsofa

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