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Coach Isabella Rojas's Advice for New Climbers | Outside Online
“One of my coaches gave me some unique training advice when I was about 16. He suggested that outside of team practice, when I’m climbing in the gym on my own, to seek out those groups of strong, older men and send their projects. I followed his advice and still do. Over and over, I proved to myself that my small, brown-girl body could climb just as well as those cliques of strong adult men.
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9 weeks ago by ryelee
I’m off for some at . This activity is very popular with tech people. I see a lot of tech T…
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10 weeks ago by oliver.turner
The Arch Climbing Wall
The Arch Climbing Wall offers multiple indoor climbing walls in London under one membership. We offer bouldering lessons for beginners, and an online shop.
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november 2018 by floehopper
Southeast New England Climbers Coalition
Southeast New England Climbers Coalition: Our mission is to protect, maintain, and establish rock climbing access by being a voice and advocate for the climbing community in our region.
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november 2018 by cspanring

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