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i came with empty hands
The thing about being the protector, he knows, is that no one has the instinct to take care of you. Shiro knows it's equal parts nature and nurture, the culmination of his big body and the implicit walls he's built. He’s not sure if he’s ever known how to accept care.

But Keith is strong, now, and Shiro has started to crave it.
fic  slash  bottom_Shiro  pairing:Shiro/Keith  fandom:Voltron  kink:praise  kink:size  hurt/comfort  established-relationship 
4 weeks ago by Ishara
Your Heart Beating Next to Mine
“Shiro,” Keith rumbles, voice low and gravely, and it shudders through Shiro. “You should rest.”

“In a moment,” Shiro says, quiet, the dragon’s language comforting on his tongue.

He knows he should rest, after being rescued by his dragon. And yet, that's the last thing on his mind. The first and only thing on his mind is Keith, all around him and over him, that burst of magic building between them. He can't ignore that.
fic  slash  au  fantasy  dragons  kink:size  claiming/bond/mate  fandom:Voltron  pairing:Shiro/Keith  bottom_Shiro  pwp 
november 2018 by Ishara
oh, devour me (if you really think that you can stomach me)
While making his usual rounds on patrol, Shiro encounters a vampire who’s terribly hungry for a taste of him.
fic  slash  au  fusion:BTVS  vampire  pairing:Shiro/Keith  bottom_Shiro  kink:praise  kink:biting/marking  fandom:Voltron 
november 2018 by Ishara
Sugar Daddy AU
Shiro dropped the cloth he’d been using and hurried to where Lance was manning the counter, practically shoving him aside to take his place.

“Shiro,” Lance hissed, rubbing his shoulder, “what are you doing?”

“Let me take this one,” Shiro said in lieu of an answer.

“What? Don’t worry, I’m not that tired. I’ve got it.”

“Please,” Shiro said, lowering his voice. “Just this once.”

“I mean, I don’t really care, but I know how much you hate dealing with these guys. Why would you…” Lance trailed off as he got a good look at the customer walking up to counter, his eyes slowly widening in realization.

“Oh,” he said. "Ohh."
fic  slash  au  pairing:Sendak/Shiro  kink:sugar_daddy  bottom_Shiro  kink:praise  fandom:Voltron 
november 2018 by Ishara
don't hurt yourself for it, baby
But that wasn't what surprised Shiro, not when he was already used to Keith’s silent footsteps or when he was getting Shiro's attention in a quiet voice.

No, what surprised him was that he had no trouble looking into Keith's eyes without tilting his head down, and instead stared at them straight-on with something akin to disbelief.
fic  slash  pairing:Shiro/Keith  fandom:Voltron  bottom_Shiro  kink:transformation  kink:size  kink:praise 
september 2018 by Ishara
Hearts of Fire
Sir Shiro Silverarm, knight errant, renowned across all the lands for his fairness and righteousness (and his striking good looks), has been hired to rescue royalty from dragons before. Though he’ll never kill an innocent, neither will he hesitate to do whatever necessary to return the kingdom’s prince safe and sound.

But honest as Shiro might be, not everyone shares his principles. After horribly botching the rescue, he learns there’s more to this story than what he’s been told, and he’ll need to think quickly if he’s to save hundreds of dragons from a terrible fate.

Or, “How to be Trained by Your Dragon.”
fic  slash  au  fantasy  fandom:Voltron  pairing:Shiro/Keith  bottom_Shiro  dragons  shapeshifter 
june 2018 by Ishara

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au  claiming/bond/mate  dragons  established-relationship  fandom:voltron  fantasy  fic  fusion:btvs  hurt/comfort  kink:biting/marking  kink:praise  kink:size  kink:sugar_daddy  kink:transformation  pairing:sendak/shiro  pairing:shiro/keith  pwp  shapeshifter  slash  vampire 

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