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Hop on
"Okay," Arthur says, glancing at his watch. "Hop on, then."
fandom:inception  author:bauble  artist:motetus  relationship:arthur/eames  funny  hot  bottom!eames 
27 days ago by little-thoughts
No-good men
They were never good guys, never decent people. And back before they met Dom, back before Arthur became a designated driver of life, they were basically monsters, dirty and (sometimes) cheap. So the first time was unexpected, but it didn’t necessarily come as a surprise. At some point it was bound to happen.
fandom:inception  author:StAnni  relationship:arthur/eames  hot  unprotected-sex  bottom!arthur  bottom!eames 
january 2019 by little-thoughts
Arthur had been so very careful to keep his distance, and yet here he is.
author:bauble  fandom:inception  relationship:arthur/eames  setting:space-au  break-up/make-up  bottom!eames 
october 2018 by little-thoughts
timber tremble
Eames thought he was content with the solitary existence his grizzly nature brought him, until a bad run-in with some hunters brought him to the home of a man who’d shake his belief to the core.
fandom:inception  author:velificatio  setting:supernatural-au  relationship:arthur/eames  clever  filthy!hot  bottom!arthur  bottom!eames 
may 2018 by little-thoughts
Personal Best
“‘Good-luck charm’?” Arthur repeats, sounding a bit scornful. “I don’t think I’ve ever had my dick called that,” he adds after a moment, with a smirk.
fandom:inception  author:annejumps  setting:sports-au  relationship:arthur/eames  funny  hot  bottom!eames 
february 2018 by little-thoughts
The Tightest Fit
Hush,” he soothes around his own dry throat, running his hands over the tops of Eames’s thighs. “You can take it. I know you can. Just go slow."
fandom:inception  author:fiamac  relationship:arthur/eames  bottom!eames  unprotected-sex  hot 
october 2017 by little-thoughts
hard to dance with the devil on your back
It’s innocent enough, tapping the young man on the shoulder, offering up the nearly-lost mobile he’d swiped off of the café table. When the guy turns around, though, it turns into something totally different.
fandom:inception  author:la_victorienne  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet  hot  bottom!eames 
october 2017 by little-thoughts
Fight For It
It’s been said that Arthur hates Eames, but to Arthur, ‘hate’ isn’t a strong enough word. Loathe, despise, abhor, all good verbs, but none of them encompass the depth of Arthur’s feelings towards Eames. Because Eames is rude, and cocky, and full of swagger, and worst of all, talented.
fandom:inception  author:teacuphuman  setting:sports-au  relationship:arthur/eames  hot  bottom!eames 
august 2017 by little-thoughts
Arctic Emancipation
Eames sets out to meet Arthur and Cobb in rural Connecticut, not realizing he's about to be caught in a blizzard.
fandom:inception  author:dysonrules  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet  hot  bottom!eames 
august 2017 by little-thoughts
Extra Blind
Arthur is the one doing the pursuing, instead of Eames. Eames is an incredible flirt and he's fond, but he'd never really thought of Arthur that way until Arthur makes him.
fandom:inception  author:louiex  relationship:arthur/eames  hot  bottom!eames  unprotected-sex 
august 2017 by little-thoughts
Almost about to call out, Arthur quickly silenced himself. He could already hear Eames.
fandom:inception  author:oceanus_aporia  relationship:arthur/eames  married  sweet  hot  bottom!eames 
august 2017 by little-thoughts
The Teacher and the Cheater
Arthur is a frustrated young professor in his first tenure-track position at a university in Manhattan. Eames is a too-smart-for-his-own-good guy he keeps running into around town--one who has a secret. Happy ending guaranteed.
fandom:inception  author:samanthastephens  setting:college-au  setting:writer-au  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet  hot  break-up/make-up  bottom!arthur  bottom!eames 
july 2017 by little-thoughts
Mercurial Moggy
Arthur has agreed to help Eames through his heat one last time, despite their complicated history together. Eames may have other plans.
fandom:inception  author:bauble  relationship:arthur/eames  hot  bottom!eames  unprotected-sex  dark 
june 2017 by little-thoughts
want, need, steal, keep - Sibilant - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Eames is a hired thief working a job. Arthur catches him in the act. Things only escalate from there.

Written for the ‘fuck or die’ square on my bingo card.All the thanks in the world to bauble and pyromancer for cheerleading, prereading, and beta work, as well as for holding my hand and patiently, methodically talking me through all my writing and editing stumbling blocks. And the leather gloves are a nod to marourin ;)A word of warning before we proceed: This is ‘fuck or die’ of the manipulation/coercion variety. There is no biological imperative or chemical influence at play, just sleazy, amoral criminals being sleazy and amoral. Please heed the tags.
Inception(2010)  bottom!eames  sibilant  xxx 
may 2017 by zing_och

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