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Miniature Bottle Library - Frameset Page
This site is designed to be a co-operative effort between like minded miniature bottle collectors. We initially concentrated on listing figural miniature bottles, otherwise known as miniature decanters. The site was quickly extended and now includes any miniature drink bottle. We only started adding 'straights' in 2013 so please be patient as it will be many years before MBL is anywhere near to comprehensive in this area.

Currently there are over 110,000 bottles from more than 190 different countries & self governing teritories, shown in over 8500 directories with almost 13,000 cross references. In addition there are more than 49,000 references in the Theme Index and all words are indexed weekly. We reached the magic 100,000 in 2017 but as you can see, we are not stopping there. There are at least another 100,000 minis out there - we need you to
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10 days ago by bezthomas
GitHub - zenwalker/django-micro: Django as a microframework
Author apps in slimmed down Django as you would devlop in Bottle
django  python  bottle 
28 days ago by snafubar
Beer Store North Slope, Brooklyn
map view centered on N. Slope - a bunch that aren't on yelp
beer  store  retail  bottle  brooklyn  parkslope 
5 weeks ago by ianmclaury

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