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The Future Workforce Is Human to the Bot Power by The Growth Show
There’s the hype. Sure. But there’s also the hysteria. For most, bots are either the thing that’ll carry our companies into the future, or they’re a skip away from subjugating the entire human race. Today, we’re talking to Adelyn Zhou, CMO of TOPBOTS. She advises a wide range of companies on how they use AI and machine learning. She gives us her take on companies using these technologies successfully, how you can build a AI or machine learning team yourself (if you really need one), and what we can really expect from our robot overlords.
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yesterday by jorgebarba - #EverywhereCommerce || Commerce on and within social media - no redirects! || || Bots, Messaging, Marketing, Growth Hacking, Facebook Messenger, Sales
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yesterday by 1luke2
Creating GCS buckets with Slack bots in Go – unacastlabs
In the last blog post about Slack bots, we saw how to create a simple Slack chatbot in Go. We are now going to upgrade and learn how to make it communicate to another service using Google Pub/Sub. At…
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2 days ago by pinterb
We Need to Talk About Kevin: My attempt to build a trustworthy Twitter bot
I wanted Kevin to be fundamentally different. Rather than spamming until a few people decided his content was worth sharing, Kevin would build a reputation as a trusted source that could be leveraged when distributing content. Building a bot that was capable of earning the trust of other users would require a degrees of autonomy and artificial intelligence not typically seen in Twitter bots. This would clearly be more work up-front, but the payoff would be less effort when attempting to get content shared by others.
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2 days ago by paulbradshaw
How AI Bots, Voice Assistants Are Changing Shopper Behaviors | Street Fight
While email is still top dog in Narvar’s survey, with 80% of consumers selecting email as their preferred communication channel, 38% now say they want to hear from retailers on multiple channels, with post-purchase communications being among the most-likely to be appreciated via text or push notification.

“It’s important that retailers understand customers’ communications preferences so they can invest in the right channels, personalize outreach, and ultimately, create effortless yet emotional customer experiences,” says Harsh Jawharkar, vice president, head of marketing and partnerships at Narvar. “Each product release, sale, order confirmation, shipping update, return, customer question or issue resolution is a new opportunity for retailers to build relationships and nurture loyalty.”

Digging into the data by age group, Narvar found that millennials are more likely to prefer text and push notifications than baby boomers, with 43% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 29 preferring to receive order updates as text messages, versus 28% of consumers ages 60 and older.
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3 days ago by dancall
Allure launches 'Best of Beauty' chatbot to sell makeup | Glossy
Allure is launching a chatbot to help readers discover and purchase products from its annual Best of Beauty issue.
The bot, called the Allure Beauty Assistant, is available starting today and is accessible through the Best of Beauty feature on the magazine’s website and mobile app. By participating in a series of questions and answers on topics like skin and hair type, the bot helps users identify items from the list best tailored to their needs and provides links to buy them — giving Allure a way to bolster affiliate revenue.
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3 days ago by dancall
We’re on the Brink of a Revolution in Crazy-Smart Digital Assistants | WIRED
The increasingly conversational nature of your back-and-forth with your devices will make your relationship to technology even more intimate, more loyal, more personal.
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4 days ago by pinterb
A Charge of Bots — The Tech World As We Know It Is About To Be Rewritten – Medium
I had a sharp moment of clarity in the summer of 2007. After standing in line for four hours at an Apple Store outside of Boston on the day the first iPhone came out, I finally had one in my hand. It…
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4 days ago by pinterb
Beyond the GUI: It's Time for a Conversational User Interface | WIRED
The GUI has served us well for a long time, but it's beginning to fray around the edges. We’re now grappling with an unintended side effect of ubiquitous computing: a surge in complexity that overwhelms the graphical-only interface -- especially when forced into a mobile-interface world. We now need to simply talk with our devices. That's why it’s finally time for the conversational user interface, or "CUI." This is the interface of the future as computing propagates beyond laptops, ...
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4 days ago by pinterb

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