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The chatbot bubble has officially burst
Yet I can’t help but suspect the bigger reason many chatbots have failed is that is that they overpromised and underdelivered. Great user interfaces–for any product–offer people just a few clear options on purpose. You can close the window. Click the like button. Swipe the message. They communicate finite possibilities because, by design, software can only do finite things. Chatbots–and the very premise of conversational interfaces–suggest limitless possibilities, but they have trouble clearly communicating what they can do in the first place.
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12 hours ago by motiveunknown
This project does not involve machine learning. If anything, its development might be called “machine teaching”. I know how to play through Castlevania. And the challenge was to capture my knowledge into a computer program. The result is a system that simulates the same decision-making process that I perform when I have a controller in hand. Creating it involved articulating in elaborate detail the physics that govern Simon Belmont’s 8‑bit world and all the tactics required to be an expert vampire killer.

CastlevaniaBot has access to a catalog of strategies for handling a wide range of situations. Most of them are designed to handle a particular game object type. For instance, there is a strategy for dealing with skeletons, another for fishmen, another for whipping candles, another for collecting hearts, and so on.

CastlevaniaBot constantly monitors the game state and it switches between the available strategies as it deems necessary. The decision process uses a fitness function to rank all the onscreen game objects. The top rank is the primary target and when the primary target changes, it switches strategies. For example, CastlevaniaBot might be about to strike some candles when a bat flies into frame. Depending on how close it is to the bat, CastlevaniaBot may respond by switching from the candles strategy to the bat strategy. After whipping the bat, it can resume handling the candles.
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yesterday by jbrennan
I upvoted Magiclingua on Product Hunt: Language learning with AI-powered voice-bots and humans at December 6, 2018 at 08:15AM
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6 days ago by iamthefury
The User Experience of Chatbots
Far from being ‘intelligent’, today’s chatbots guide users through simple linear flows, and our user research shows that they have a hard time whenever users deviate from such flows.
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7 days ago by atran
The Digital Maginot Line
The Information World War has already been going on for several years. We called the opening skirmishes “media manipulation” and “hoaxes”, assuming that we were dealing with ideological pranksters doing it for the lulz (and that lulz were harmless).

In reality, the combatants are professional, state-employed cyberwarriors and seasoned amateur guerrillas pursuing very well-defined objectives with military precision and specialized tools. Each type of combatant brings a different mental model to the conflict, but uses the same set of tools.
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7 days ago by perich
Splunk + Cisco = Endpoint Monitoring With No Added Installs
Cisco AnyConnect Network Visibility Module, or Cisco NVM for short
When NVM is enabled, it gathers IPFIX data from all traffic-generating processes on the system—regardless of whether or not the system has an active path to the NVM collector. When it does have a connection to a trusted network, it sends some pretty cool process execution details into your Splunk instance: process names, process hash values, parent process information, source and destination addresses and ports, and several other key bits of data. (Data collected during offline status is cached and delivered upon connection). It also regularly delivers endpoint inventory data into Splunk, so it can be used for asset tracking, too

NVM that we used it as a data source in our annual Boss of the SOC (BOTS) competition this year, which debuted at .conf18
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9 days ago by bwiese
Specification gaming examples in AI - master list
*The master list of artificial-intelligences doing bizarre, useless stunts that "win"
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