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Mercer Botanic Gardens – Harris County Precinct 4
relatively near National Museum of Funeral History, like 1/2 hour from hotel
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36 Hours in Washington, D.C. -
Most tourists are drawn to the city’s spectacular array of admission-free Smithsonian museums, but the United States Botanic Garden is an overlooked pleasure in the shadows of the Capitol. Created by Congress as an instructional garden, this is an oasis of roses; medicinal plants; native, exotic and endangered flowers; orchids; shoots and seeds; ferns and the occasional carnivorous plant and more. You could while away an hour in the National Garden alone, with its Butterfly Garden and the First Ladies Water Garden, which explores the history of White House residents and their gardening interests. Also on the grounds is the lovely Bartholdi Park, where visitors can pick up horticulture tips. No gift shop, no restaurant. Just flowers, and more flowers.
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English || Kyoto Gyoen National Garden[Ministry of Environment]
Kyoto Gyoen is the national garden, which is 1.3km from north to south and 0.7km from east to west. It is open to everyone anytime. This area was Court Nobles Residential Area in the Edo period. After the transfer of the capital to Tokyo, buildings were removed and Kyoto Gyoen (garden) was established to preserve the Imperial Palace. After The World War Ⅱ, Kyoto Gyoen was changed to be a national garden. Today, there are famous historic spots in this garden including Kyoto Imperial Palace. Also it becomes the place where people could spend their time in nature.
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The Huntington Library, ARt Collection + Botanic Garden
Show during Xmas: The Color Explosion: Nineteenth Century American Lithography from the Jay T. Last Collection
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Discord takes root as garden recovers - Los Angeles Times
Evidence of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden's rebound from a devastating wildfire less than two months ago is all around. Frilly green fronds sprout from the scorched trunks of two tall palms near the garden's entrance. Its iconic meadow bursts with purple verbena, bright orange poppies and papery-white Matilija poppies. Paths that were covered in soot are clean and ready for visitors. There's even a newly installed wooden labyrinth, topped with an emerald-green sod roof, added to emphasize the garden's rebirth from the Jesusita fire, which roared down Mission Canyon. All is not well at the much-loved California native plant garden, a Santa Barbara institution for eight decades. Some of the most passionate volunteers and boosters have battled the garden's management. About 60 volunteers are staging a strike, denying their services over perceived financial improprieties. The growing discontent became public in April, after 10 staff members were let go to cut costs.
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