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Analyze and optimize bots more easily
Regardless of how you build or deploy bots, Chatbase helps you create better user experiences.
chat  bot  analytics 
yesterday by rafi
ink - inkle's narrative scripting language
As used to author 80 Days and Sorcery!: produce interactive scripts by writing in pure-text with ink markup.
engine  fiction  game  interactive  adventure  if  interpreter  bot  chat  interaktiv 
yesterday by tranqy
Renters & Home Insurance for Urban Dwellers | Lemonade
Lemonade Insurance Company is a property and casualty insurance company that is transforming the very business model of insurance. By injecting technology and transparency into an industry that often lacks both, we’re creating an insurance experience that is fast, affordable and hassle free. Unlike any other insurance company, we gain nothing by delaying or denying claims (we take a flat fee!), so we handle and pay most claims instantly.
insurance  homeinsurance  home  rentersinsurance  rental  coverage  AI  bot  bcorp 
4 days ago by csaper
Botometer by OSoMe
Tool to score if a twitter user is a bot.
api  tools  twitter  bot  ai 
5 days ago by farmckon
Virtual assistant that saves you money.
finance  bot 
6 days ago by hanyu

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