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Cjelovita Kurikularna ReformaKurikularna reforma -
Rani i predškolski, osnovnoškolski i srednjoškolski odgoj i obrazovanje
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22 days ago by kradovan
Boris Johnson, Jennifer Arcuri, and the mysterious Annie Tacker - BBC News
A colleague tipped me off that it may be worth exploring if the photo was artificially generated online. These work by bringing together different elements from a large database of different faces to create completely new, artificially created photos.

I wrote to the computer science expert Prof Hany Farid at University of California, Berkeley, who specialises in the analysis of digital images.

He said the image in Annie T's LinkedIn profile contained "some tell-tale signs" of being synthesised.
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26 days ago by paulbradshaw
… so that & eton/hedge-fund pals can extract even more value out of everyone else by deregulating the shit o…
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27 days ago by igorclark
A Brexit deal will not redeem Boris Johnson from his own shame. He is beyond salvation | The Independent
This, of course, is the story Johnson seeks to write himself. The hero who saved his nation in its hour of need. Johnson is a straightforward narcissist. He has delivered a crisis for himself to solve. The little lives of others are merely the pages on which he believes himself entitled to write the Boris Johnson story. The needless man of the pointless hour.
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6 weeks ago by fjordaan
RT : “You got a boot in the hawmaws from the supreme court”.

Catch me on tou…
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6 weeks ago by kevinmarks
Boris Johnson is desperate to honour Jo Cox, so maybe he could talk about the real betrayal of the 17.4m | Mark Steel
He’s had this job thrust upon him. And we should all remember that any of us, when we’re under pressure, react by insulting the memory of a woman who was murdered.
mark  steel  independent  politics  26th  september  2019  boris  johnson 
6 weeks ago by pnjman
RT : “You got a boot in the hawmaws from the supreme court”.

Catch me on tou…
Boris  janeygodleyvoiceover  mhairiBlack  from twitter_favs
6 weeks ago by sabatini
Boris Johnson has gone so barmy he doesn’t even know what a journalist looks like | Mark Steel
It’s possible the prime minister had mistaken them for nurses and surgeons, which as we know look uncannily like cameras and tripods.
20th  september  2019  independent  mark  steel  politics  boris  johnson 
7 weeks ago by pnjman

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