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Our chatbot can tell you a cool thing to do. Just give it a try!
fun  time  bored  humor  motivation 
6 weeks ago by dchesters
Bored API
API which gives you something to do when you are bored.
bored  api 
7 weeks ago by christopher.doyle
See how grotesque Jeff Bezos’ fortune is in this choose-your-own-adventure game
‘You Are Jeff Bezos’ is a game that illustrates in detail the truly appalling amount of wealth people are allowed to amass and then just keep to themselves.
economic_inequality  bored 
8 weeks ago by kyleos
MidwayMeetup | Where do you want to meet up?
This site allows users to enter their address, along with the addresses of their friends, and find meetup locations at the midpoint of those addresses.
hangout  bored  meetup  middle  maps  local 
9 weeks ago by smitchell
Bored of the Rings - Wikipedia
Parody novel series of Lord of the rings.
Bored  of  the  Rings  lord  Parody  Novel 
9 weeks ago by smitchell

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