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RT : 🎁 SORTEO ⭐️Celebramos el lanzamiento del DLC 'La comandante Lilith y la lucha por Sanctuary' de con es…
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15 days ago by archenemy
If you're an experienced video game sound designer wanting to work on the franchise, we are still tryi…
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10 weeks ago by timerickson
¡Códigos SHiFT con 5 llaves doradas de The Pre-Sequel! [Activos hasta el 8 de abril]

🔑PC / Mac: WWW33…
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12 weeks ago by archenemy
BL3 4k 3840x2160 - Album on Imgur
Post with 7 votes and 434 views. Shared by 11Akira11. BL3 4k 3840x2160
12 weeks ago by raygrasso

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