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Forget Calls-to-Action, Focus on Obvious Next Steps
Helps to always think of adding **obvious** next calls to action.
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15 days ago by langster
10 Entrepreneurs Who Bootstrapped to Millions in Podcasts | Sramana Mitra
Podcasts with stories of entrepreneurs who grew without getting funding up front.
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august 2017 by jeromekatz
Side Project Marketing
A comprehensive, chronologically ordered list of marketing tactics and ideas you can try with your next side project.
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august 2017 by langster
Ask HN: How to sell your app/side project while working full-time? | Hacker News
Automate as much as possible. Payments ? Slap a stripe checkout form (unless you happen to be in a country where Stripe is still not supported) or Paypal for others.
Onboarding: Make it as easy and smooth as possible for clients to get started after signinup. Show them exactly where and how to start.
Documentation & FAQ: Create tons of it. If a client has a question, thy should be able to resolve it through your documentation for the most part. Don't let little simple questions to come to you EVERY time.
Setup a Support Ticket system and only answer via emails/support ticket for questions that cannot be resolved via your documentation. If a client is not aware of documentation, point them to it before answering the same question again and again.
Get a decent smartphone and answer the tickets/email through that. You could even do it sitting at your desk or during lunch break
If you absolutely need to schedule phone calls, schedule them during lunch break and find a relatively quiet place where you can talk. If not quiet enough, tell the client that you are travelling and they may hear background noise. As long as it is not a screeching train, clients won't mind specially if you already told them.
Hustle. Do whatever it takes to get the first few clients except illegal activity of course. You may have to cross a few lines at work (lying about lunch plans etc) but I personally think those are reasonable to do.
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august 2017 by hellsten

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