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How to restore a broken GRUB installation after UEFI upgrade.
boot  grub  bios  installation 
yesterday by ianweatherhogg
Windows 10 Bootrec – the requested system device cannot be found
How to fix UEFI boot after cloning a Windows installation to an SSD.
windows  sysadmin  ssd  boot  fix  clone  uefi  howto 
9 days ago by sometimesfood
How to change default boot kernel permanently or temporarily on CentOS - Ask Xmodulo
Shows a way to change permanently (that method not recommended)
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centos  grub2  Computers  boot  kernel  7  7.3  6  7.2 
16 days ago by themanjay
Easy Recovery Essentials by NeoSmart Technologies
das soll boot-probleme bei windows deutlich besser beheben als die recovery cd von windows
windows  administration  recovery  boot  bcd 
17 days ago by pinster
Solved: PS3 freezes at 99% on system update - PlayStation Forum
You will need:
- A USB stick with a good copy of a PS3 firmware;
- A second hard drive that you don't mind erasing
1. Allow the PS3 to get to the end of the the broken install, and shut it off with the switch in the back (if any) or pull the cord.
2. Remove your hard drive and put in the spare drive and the USB stick with the updated firmware, and turn the PS3 back on.
3. Allow the PS3 to format the spare disk, and install the updated firmware. Progress through the firmware install all the way to the language selection screen, then power the PS3 off again with the switch (if any) or pull the cord.
4. Swap the original hard drive back in, but do not take out the USB stick. Turn the power back on. The PS3 will say that it can't boot because the firmware on the hard drive is corrupt, then it will ask to reinstall the firmware. Press start+select and allow it to reinstall.
5. After it's reinstalled the firmware, the system should boot back up and be working again.
6. You might get a few questions about setup and stuff but it should cause no problems.
It was BroWren, at the US forum, that found a way and should have all the credits!
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PS3  howto  boot 
18 days ago by dominomaster

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