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Coraline Ada Ehmke on Twitter: "Task Rabbit. The gig workers set their own hourly rate, so it seems fair?… "
(It looks like Coraline used Task Rabbit to hire someone to put together her bookshelf. Perhaps that could be worth a look?)
“Task Rabbit. The gig workers set their own hourly rate, so it seems fair?”
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may 2019 by handcoding
Stagnant and dull, can digital books ever replace print? | Aeon Essays
In early August I visited Bret Victor’s Communications Design Group research laboratory in San Francisco. Against the far wall of the lab’s library stood a 10-foot wooden bookshelf. It was stuffed with manuals on the history of computers and programming and interfaces, novels and countless non-fiction books.

From behind me, Bret said: ‘Watch this,’ and pointed a small green laser at one of the books. The spine – the physical spine – lit up and above the bookshelf the book itself exploded onto an empty swath of wall. The entirety of its contents, laid out page by page by some hidden projector. The laser tracked by some hidden constellation of cameras. In his hand, Bret held an iPad, and as he pointed the laser at various projected pages they appeared on his device. As he slid from page to page on the iPad, the corresponding pages on the wall enlarged. It was a way to view both the macro and micro of a book – the overarching structure of the whole and the minutiae of the paragraph. The margins, it must be said, were gorgeous.
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july 2018 by jbrennan
Studio Nitzan Cohen » Nan_Shelf
This slightly peculiar book shelf comes from the frustration that bookshelves almost always fail to do what its name suggest, and keep the books without the help of extra elements or bookends.

My reaction to it was the naïve thought that if the bookends are anyways there, why not try and make a complete shelf out of them. The most common bookends being made of folded sheet steel dictated the material and the only thing left was solving some gravity issues…

This design is made with only two parts, which can be combined to form a shelf of any length or height. The structure assembles without tools and can always extend or change.
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january 2018 by bezthomas

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