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yesterday by renaudjx
Front matter · GitBook :: OSODOS - Open Science, Open Data, Open Source: 21st Century research skills for the life sciences
The goal of these resources is to give a bird's eye view of the developments in open scientific research. That is, we cover both social developments (e.g. the culture in various communities) as well as technological ones. As such, no part of the contents are especially in-depth or geared towards advanced users of specific practices or tools. Nevertheless, certain sections are more relevant to some people than to others.
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yesterday by bezthomas
Jeremy Clarke - Forty & Naked
His first rule of crisis prevention is that one should avoid self-absorption. If nothing else matters apart from your own wellbeing, you can never be happy. This paradox of egotism, of course, encompasses the habit of feverishly buying self-help paperback books in the belief that you might come upon the secret of happiness for £9.99.
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yesterday by terry

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