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The Autumnal Genius of John Bellairs |
read the first book so many times as a kid, still holds up
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15 hours ago by cwinters
Dragons Love Tacos
I really need to purchase this.
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16 hours ago by djtrischler
The Other Side of Anne of Green Gables
Anne’s transformations are easy to see as part of a trend in TV and film, one in which suffering has become indistinguishable from gravitas and even the most cheerful superheroes come complete with psychological baggage. In a world where Superman no longer smiles, Archie Andrews is an ennui-filled singer-songwriter and Belle’s mother in “Beauty and the Beast” tragically dies of the plague, of course Anne has PTSD. But this new interpretation of Anne also treats a young, female character with the attention and focus often reserved for difficult men and the perversions of their machismo. In emphasizing Anne’s past, Walley-Beckett may be roughing up a sunny tale, but she is also insisting that a plucky 13-year-old girl is as worthy a subject as anyone.
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16 hours ago by winekitteh
A publisher of one's own: Virginia and Leonard Woolf and the Hogarth Press | Books | The Guardian
Unfortunately short piece about the Hogarth Press, started by Virginia and Leonard Woolf in 1917. The first output was hand-set by the Woolfs on a hand-cranked press.
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19 hours ago by johnmfrench
Science and the City: The Mechanics Behind the Metropolis: Laurie Winkless: Bloomsbury Sigma
It's not clear how academic, or useful, this book may be. Some of the blurb is distinctly childish.
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20 hours ago by metaproof

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