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Responsive HTML Email Templates for Startups, Developers and Marketers
Transactional email templates for notifications, newsletters, receipts, welcome emails, ready to ship with your email service provider.
design  email  html  templates  responsive  IFTTT  template  #project-workflow  (popular  bookmarks) 
august 2016 by speckz
RemoteBase - An Open Database of Remote Companies and Jobs
RemoteBase is a collection of 190+ remote companies and their profiles. See how these companies work and who's hiring.
remote  remote-working  nomad  digital  job  jobs  list  work  database  remote-work  (popular  bookmarks)  business 
june 2016 by deepster
Motion AI - Chatbots made easy
Visually build, train and deploy bots to do just about anything. Start building for free.
api  chat  bot  bots  ai  messenger  chatbots  design  (popular  bookmarks) 
may 2016 by atran
A reddit / hackernews type website for discovering podcasts.
@tovisit  audio  aggregator  list  podcasts  listing  bookmarks)  podcast  rss  popular 
april 2016 by jefftriplett
RT : I’ve never wanted to be in a gang more than this one.
funny  comedy  bookmarks)  (popular  pinboard  from twitter_favs
february 2016 by evilkarlothian

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