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Grayscale CSS and Bookmarklet
[If you should need such a bookmarklet—]
"A bit of code that can be used to convert any webpage (or part of a page) to grayscale."
bookmarklets  grayscale  2017 
7 weeks ago by handcoding
mefiscripts github repository | MetaTalk
"Mefites use a bunch of userscripts, stylesheets, and bookmarklets to customize the site, but we don't have a place to collaboratively maintain them. What if we had a shared Github organization where authors could contribute their scripts for community maintenance? I've put one up over at, and if folks think it's a good idea I'd love to have you join."
metafilter  bookmarklets  userscripts  userstyles  2017 
8 weeks ago by handcoding
Quick tip: Use keyboard shortcuts to trigger bookmarklets in Safari on OS X – The Sweet Setup
"On iOS, firing any of these involves opening the bookmarks window in Mobile Safari, navigating to Favorites and tapping on what I need.

"As one might imagine, it’s a lot faster on the Mac. Hitting CMD+1 in Safari will open the first item in the bookmarks bar. Hitting CMD+2 will open the second, and so forth and so on, all the way up to the number 9 if you wish."
safari  keyboard  shortcuts  bookmarklets  thesweetsetup  2014 
9 weeks ago by handcoding
How to Install and Use Bookmarklets in Microsoft Edge
(On adding bookmarklets to Edge:)
"Bookmarklets are usually added in a few different ways, none of which work in Microsoft Edge. They’re often added simply by dragging them from a web page to the Favorites bar and dropping them there. However, Edge doesn’t allow this."
edge  ie  bookmarklets  tutorials  2017 
10 weeks ago by handcoding
Outline * Bookmarklet
via @joedolson: "Useful thing! Bookmarklet to impose a focus outline on focusable objects on a page. #a11y"
via:joedolson  codepen  bookmarklets  focus  testing  2017 
october 2017 by handcoding - Create bookmarklets from your javascript! allows you to create bookmarklets from your own javascript code. Launch your code from your bookmarks toolbar!
october 2017 by jklapinski
Pinboard - Never Lose Bookmarks Again - Ask Leo!
Article by Leo Notonboom as Ask Leo on 'Making Technology Work for Everyone' online newsletter. Posted: June 2017.

Some practical advice on how to use 'bookmarklets' from your browser to save your favourite content links to Pinboard.

Bookmarklets sit in the bookmarks bar of your browser and, when clicked, they open a small window for you to enter the information you wish to save. The Pinboard bookmarklets replace the old Delicious add-on we used to have on our browsers.

To add these bookmarklets to your browser, first go to your settings and make sure the browser bar is ticked as 'visible'. Then go to URL and look at Topic 2. Saving Bookmarks. You should now be able to see the highlighted options. Click and drag them into the bookmarks bar at the top of the browser. Then return to the "Ask Leo article" and read all the other helpful tips.

Suggestion: You don't have to clutter up your bookmarks bar with every single bookmarklet. For instance, I find the most useful options to be 'popup', 'popup with tags', 'my pinboard', and "read later". Certainly, you can try them all out at first, and then consider dropping the ones you don't need. These functions can always be found anyway from within Pinboard. This is why 'my pinboard' is a useful shortcut for getting into your page. 'Popup', with or without tags, is good because they help you mark, tag and save your content while you are still on the webpage that interests you. Anything else can be edited later from inside of the Pinboard page.

Have fun with bookmarking!
ask-leo  how-to-use-pinboard  pinboard  bookmarks  bookmarklets  helpful-hints  delicious  pinboard-review  social-bookmarking 
september 2017 by Affiliate-Mentor-Guild

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