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WebページのタイトルとURLをワンクリックでコピーするBookmarklet - Qiita
javascript:var global=window;global.COPY_TO_CLIPBOARD=global.COPY_TO_CLIPBOARD||{};global.COPY_TO_CLIPBOARD.getUrlInfo=function(){var a=new String(document.title);a.allReplace=function(a){var b=this,c;for(c in a)b=b.replace(new RegExp(c,"g"),a[c]);return b}.bind(a);return a.allReplace({":":"\uff1a","\\[":"\uff3b","\\]":"\uff3d"})+"\n"+document.URL};
global.COPY_TO_CLIPBOARD.copyToClipboard=function(){var a=document.createElement("textarea");a.textContent=this.getUrlInfo();var d=document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0];d.appendChild(a);;var b=document.execCommand("copy");d.removeChild(a);return b};global.COPY_TO_CLIPBOARD.copyToClipboard();
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4 days ago by tosh
Bookcision: Export/Download Your Kindle Highlights
Get your Kindle highlights out of the cloud and onto your computer.

When highlights are created on any Kindle device, they are synced up to Amazon's cloud. These are then visible at, but there is no reason to believe that Amazon will continue to provide this service forever, and our ability to work with text in that hosted browser-based environment is limited.
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12 days ago by danielcberman
artoo.js · The client-side scraping companion.
artoo.js is a piece of JavaScript code meant to be run in your browser’s console to provide you with some scraping utilities.
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4 weeks ago by vegarev
A set of lightweight tools aimed at browser developers, website authors, and Web server developers to produce a usable benchmark for Web transport protocols and browser behaviors.
javascript  js  bookmarklet  lint  validation  performance  optimization  testing  automation  monitoring  network  har  archive  tools  http  webdev  audit  bestpractices  styleguide  alert  notification  speed 
6 weeks ago by michaelfox

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