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Anatomy of a Crushing (Pinboard Blog)
Pinboard Blog

Anatomy of a Crushing

A number of people asked about the technical aspects of the great Delicious exodus of 2010, and I've finally had some time to write it up. Note that times on all the graphs are UTC.

On December 16th Yahoo held an all-hands meeting to rally the troops after a big round of layoffs. Around 11 AM someone at this meeting showed a slide with a couple of Yahoo properties grouped into three categories, one of which was ominously called "sunset". The most prominent logo in the group belonged to Delicious, our main competitor. Milliseconds later, the slide was on the web, and there was an ominous thundering sound as every Delicious user in North America raced for the exit. [*]

I got the message just as I was starting work for the day. My Twitter client, normally a place where I might see ten or twenty daily mentions of Pinboard, had turned into a nonstop blur of updates. My inbox was making a kind of sustained pealing sound I had never heard before. It was going to be an interesting afternoon.
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14 days ago by ndf
Eight Years of Victory (Pinboard Blog)
Pinboard Blog

Eight Years of Victory

Pinboard is eight!

Here's what's happened so far:

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
bookmarks 3.5 27 53 76 97 122 148 173
tags (M) 11 76 135 178 212 251 291 291
active users (K) 2.8 16 23 23 24 25 24 29
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14 days ago by ndf
Save My News
A personal, permanent clipping service.
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14 days ago by loughlin
Bananafish Software | Spillo
Software for the Mac, including Spillo for Pinboard, Disco Dancer for and Dumper
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19 days ago by cucumbur
- 🗄 Save an archived copy of all websites starred using Pocket/Pinboard/Bookmarks. Outputs browseable html.
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26 days ago by oumu
It's the end of an era, as Pinboard buys and shutters (UPDATED)
Brief outline of the Delicious bookmarking site and how Pinboard finally killed it. This finally gave me the kick up the pants I needed to finally leave Delicious and move over to Pinboard. Hey! maybe that was the plan behind all this!
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27 days ago by searchmeister
Roundup of 40+ bookmark managers and alternatives.
A list of some great alternative bookmark managers like Pinboard, GGather
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4 weeks ago by cd
How to Set and Manage Reminders on Evernote Notes
Evernote does not need any introduction, does it? Most of you are probably using it already to organize your notes. The flexibility with which it allows you to clip notes, sync and share them is incomparable. via Pocket
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7 weeks ago by jbattams vs Todoist detailed comparison as of 2017 - Slant
When comparing vs Todoist, the Slant community recommends Todoist for most people. In the question“What is the best cross-platform to-do list app?” Todoist is ranked 3rd while is ranked 6th. The most important reason people chose Todoist is: via Pocket
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7 weeks ago by jbattams

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