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Linqes - Manage and share your collection of bookmarks
Create own Groups of your favourite content and share with your friends or colleagues
bookmarking  service  social  links  collection 
6 days ago by jppferguson
digimarks 1.1.0 : Python Package Index
Simple bookmarking service, using a SQLite database to store bookmarks, supporting tags and automatic title fetching.
python  2018  bookmarking  OpenSource 
16 days ago by gresch
RadhiFadlillah/shiori: Simple bookmark manager built with Go
Shiori is a simple self-hosted bookmarks manager written in Go language. Intended as a simple clone of Pocket. You can use it as command line application or as web application. This application is distributed as a single binary, which make it can be installed and used easily.
bookmarking  opensource  programming  go 
23 days ago by masukomi
Gimme Bar | Home
This is Gimme Bar, the 5th greatest invention of all time.
bookmarking  storage  bookmarks  tools  creative  #stio 
25 days ago by dholland

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