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« earlier is a platform for organizing your internet. is a simple tool for connecting what you find and building knowledge. It’s a space where you can save anything, structure your thinking however you want, and discover new things together.
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My favorite lifestyle business; I'm using it right now!
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My favorite lifestyle business; I'm using it right now!
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7 days ago by nelson
Roundup of 40+ bookmark managers and alternatives., a social bookmarking site, after being born in 2003 became somewhat an internet sensation with very troubled life. It had its share of drama when Yahoo accidentally suggested it may shut down service in 2010. After that it was sold from hand to hand. via Pocket
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21 days ago by jbattams
webrecorder/webrecorder: Web Archiving For All!
Webrecorder provides an integrated platform for creating high-fidelity web archives while browsing, sharing, and disseminating archived content.
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26 days ago by jonty

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