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Dying the Christian Science way: the horror of my father’s last days | World news | The Guardian
Tragic descriptions. Not sure I see connection to modern anti-vax movement but abuse begetting abuse is clear.
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11 days ago by UltraNurd
An Excerpt from E. Jean Carroll’s ‘What Do We Need Men For?’
Some disgusting stories in here but not surprising that it's one more for the pile.
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8 weeks ago by UltraNurd
Why Does This Feel So Bad?
"It’s pretty intuitive that truly understanding something requires attention to its context. The way this process happened for me with birds was spatial and temporal; the relationships and processes I observed were things adjacent in space and time. Things like habitat and season helped me make sense of the species I saw, why I was seeing them, what they were doing and why. Surprisingly, it was this experience, and not a study on how Facebook makes us depressed, that helped me put my finger on what bothers me so much about social media. The information I encounter there lacks context, both spatially and temporally."
JennyOdell  TheParisReview  birdwatching  context  SocialMedia  BookExcerpt 
april 2019 by briansholis
Athena, Goddess of Copyediting
"Athena is direct: she never tries to seduce anyone or wheedle to get her way. Her brand of wisdom is a form of common sense, which was something I lacked, a muscle that did not get much exercise in college or graduate school. I was a good worker, though—the only job I ever had that I was truly terrible at was waiting on tables—and by the time I got to The New Yorker there were different kinds of women to observe: a cheerful receptionist heading back to graduate school, proofreaders of all styles—zealous, jealous, quietly brilliant—and wickedly good writers, like Pauline Kael and Janet Malcolm. When I was promoted to the copydesk, my dream job, and it was just me and the words, I had a crisis of confidence. No one thanked you when you did something right, but when you screwed up they had ways of letting you know."
MaryNorris  TheParisReview  NewYorker  BookExcerpt  memoir  editing  copyediting  ClassicalCulture 
april 2019 by briansholis
James Salter, "Why I Write," Literary Hub
"Why was I writing? It was not for glory; I had seen what I took to be real glory. It was not for acclaim. I knew that if the book was published, it would have to be under a pseudonym; I did not want to jeopardize a career by becoming known as a writer."
JamesSalter  LitHub  writing  PersonalEssay  BookExcerpt 
january 2019 by briansholis
Susan Orlean, "Growing Up in the Library," The New Yorker
"It wasn’t that time stopped in the library. It was as if it were captured here, collected here, and in all libraries—and not only my time, my life, but all human time as well. In the library, time is dammed up—not just stopped but saved. The library is a gathering pool of narratives and of the people who come to find them. It is where we can glimpse immortality; in the library, we can live forever."
SusanOrlean  libraries  BookExcerpt  NewYorker  memoir 
january 2019 by briansholis
Eula Biss, "Confessions of a reluctant gentrifier," The Guardian
"During my first weeks in Rogers Park, I was surprised by how often I heard the word “pioneer”. I heard it first from the white owner of an antiques shop with signs in the windows that read: “Warning, you are being watched and recorded.” When I stopped off in his shop, he welcomed me to the neighbourhood warmly and delivered an introductory speech dense with code. This neighbourhood, he told me, needs “more people like you”. He and other “people like us” were gradually “lifting it up."
EulaBiss  gentrification  BookExcerpt  race  class  PersonalEssay 
january 2019 by briansholis
Robert Moor, "The Dread and Bewilderment of Walking in Circles," The New Yorker
"When we reached the first fork in the trail, Remi propped up a stick against a tree so we would have a point of reference in case we got lost. We turned right and followed the trail around in a wide arc, chatting happily, until we found ourselves standing at a fork in the path. There, off to the side, was the stick Remi had propped up against the tree. Befuddled, we turned around and set off in the opposite direction this time, and, minutes later, found ourselves back at the stick again.

We were walking in a circle."
RobertMoor  BookExcerpt  NewYorker  2016Faves  walking  memoir  trails 
january 2019 by briansholis
How I export, analyze, and resurface my Kindle highlights
My workflow for exporting my reading highlights, and how I publish those highlights to my personal website.
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july 2018 by basemaly
No Normal | The New Yorker
That has to be so weird learning your dad finally could admit who he really was.
newyorker  bookexcerpt  parenting 
august 2017 by UltraNurd
Death by GPS | Ars Technica
Fascinating tales. It's one thing to use a tool, and another to rely on it to the point of ignoring all else.
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may 2016 by UltraNurd
Obama as folk hero: To be what he’s trying to be — black, idealistic and president — is nothing less than superhuman -
Interesting hagiography, but I think even just this excerpt kinda cheapens the efforts of other black leaders by comparison.
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february 2016 by UltraNurd
Not Wanting Kids Is Entirely Normal
Interesting read. I had the experience of always wanting kids, which is a little odd for dudes.
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november 2015 by UltraNurd
How Medicaid forces families like mine to stay poor: "You'll have to get rid of everything" - Vox
Well that's depressing, and yet another example of how our social programs basically trap people in poverty.
vox  healthcare  bookexcerpt  usa  california 
december 2014 by UltraNurd
The Afterlife of Cheap Clothes
Not surprised to see over consumption means it's mostly unusable. I assume almost everything I've donated (since it was cheap and well worn in the first place) has been shredded.
bookexcerpt  charity  clothing  slate 
september 2014 by UltraNurd

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