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alternate title: sebastian 1000% loses his sh*t over jace

**||** [2:27 minutes]

A *delightfully* fucked up pairing concept that works like a beautiful train wreck where no one's getting out without (even more) major damage.
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march 2018 by zing_och
it's the far distant future and Griffin and Percival have been brought back to life /to save the planet/
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december 2017 by isweedan
I Believe in Reinvention. - The Favorite Vids Post
Firefly: Apparition by butterfly. A brilliant match between song and source, the song Apparition No. 12 by Thea Gilmore is 'Dylanesque' with 'frightening apocalyptic visions'. Particularly apt when threaded through the needle's eye that is River's experience during the series and movie. Body by obsessive24. (River's crazy as a loon but she and Mal have more in common than you might expect.) "When you don't know what you want you end up finding that you haunt your own life. You're the daylight ghost that creeps. You're the empty city streets. But I can see you." Cowgirl by shati. Should be subtitled Why Zoe is Awesome (Because She Is), to which I would wholeheartedly agree! A nice tribute to a very kick ass woman. Hallelujah by bonibaru. If there is an OTP for Firefly, it's Mal/Serenity. Tell me truly, can you imagine Mal without Serenity? He has bled and burned for her and, one day, when he finally dies for her, he'll welcome the chance with open arms, grateful for the time they had.
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april 2009 by veni_vidi_vids
Sakura of DOOM - Packing
Myrtle and Eunice's Fragile, a S2 Buffy vid with gorgeous imagery and a haunting song that makes the pain of the season even stronger. Also, Fata Obstant is a pretty cool Buffy/Angel vid. Sisabet's Peacekeeper, about being a Slayer and being Buffy, Cowboy, an Angel is a pimp vid, Country Calvacade and Brass in Pocket with Dr. Dawn, one of which is hilarious and the other as an awesome Lilah vid. Morgaine's SheBangs, a Buffy and Faith vid. Love the POV switch in the middle. Bonibaru's Hallelujah, a beautiful beautiful Firefly vid about Mal's great romance with his ship. Luminosity's everything. Particularly The Other Side, End of the World. Here's Luck's Writing Notes, Atropine, and Glorious #1. Linzee's Bad to the Bone and Disease. Mina-Clare Moseley's Saint of Me, aka Angel in five minutes. wisteria_'s Connection and Mobilize. Valerie's When I Grow Up, a cool Dawn vid. crazygrrl's Strange Disease, one of the funniest vids I've seen. Justin Emerson's everything (anime).
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november 2008 by veni_vidi_vids
sisabet: I Keep Forgeting to Post...
If bonibaru continues to make excellent Firefly vids, I'm sure to remember to watch. Normally, I'm not into episodic videos - I find the form too constrictive, but this is not a normal vid. Based around the events in "Out of Gas," Hallelujah is a lovely look at a man, his crew, and the ship that binds them together. I am incredibly remiss if I did not tell everyone I see that Myrtle & Eunice Productions have finally tackled Buffy/Angel...tackled, wrestled it to the ground and made that piece of past their bitch - but in a totally good way. Each vid gets better and better and there is not much I can say here about Fata Obstant (The Fates Oppose) that other people haven't said much more eloquently...but I'll try. No...I can't. Words fail me again. Those ladies know pain. I am tempted to walk in their wake singing cheesy eighties power ballads to them. Well, that or Wind Beneath My Wings...
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november 2008 by veni_vidi_vids
Firefly Fan Art & Fan Vids - TWoP Forums
Who the Hell is Johnny? by literarylemming, obsessive24's Wires & Body & Post Blue. wiccanslyr's Zombie. bonibaru's Hallelujah. heres_luck's New Frontier. Fan trailer to theme from Armageddon at
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february 2008 by veni_vidi_vids
[Firefly] Bonibaru - Unchained Melody - gen
"Who is the truest lover of all?" (kind of gen? but watch out for the Jayne/Vera, haha.)
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march 2007 by atomicduck
Anything But Ordinary by bonibaru, HP, Draco/Harry, Short (4,288 words), R.
2004-03 | Author's summary: Seventeen minutes before the hot dog roast, and Harry can't find his trousers.
(harrypotter)  [draco/harry]  #fiction  ~.3750-7500words  2004  bonibaru 
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