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Performance Front-end
The Performance Front-end (PFE) is an upgraded mouthpiece for your Grasshopper, reducing draw resistance by 80% and adding water pipe compatibility. The PFE allows for a wider range of draw speeds, increases vapor delivery, and eliminates mouthpiece heating during long sessions. In addition to being the best front-end for on-the-go use, a 10 to 1 taper provides a perfect seal against your existing glass. Natively designed to fit into a 14mm downstem, the PFE allows you to experience a new level of performance and vapor production.
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march 2017 by juandante
2000/25/1 Bong (marijuana waterpipe), home-made from plastic drink bottle and section of garden hose, maker unknown, Australia, 1996 - Powerhouse Museum Collection
"The advantages of this kind of bong are: Firstly, they are cheap... For the Powerhouse Museum collection, it is a significant example of the ephemera of life in the 1990s."
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april 2011 by straup

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