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Grilled Soy-Basted Chicken Thighs With Spicy Cashews Recipe - NYT Cooking
for an oven version, put them under the broiler. Time not specified for that, but probably about the same, turning
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october 2017 by bodeswell
Chicken Teriyaki Recipe - NYT Cooking
this is a cinnamon stick. Marinade needs to be boiled, then cool, then rest overnight. AFter that, however, it's easy.

Note: an especially sweet version, from Seattle. There are not-so-sweet ones.
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october 2017 by bodeswell
Quick Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe |
it says 22 minutes, but I don't believe it. As always, lots of chopping. trying to recreate a takeout classic
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september 2017 by bodeswell
Crispy Chicken Thighs with Spring Vegetables recipe |
it's a full dinner, but the thighs are separate. It's a kind of sheet pan dinner. Full stick of butter. Technique is about cooking the thighs, then putting them in the oven while you make the pan sauce. The asparagus roasts for 8 to 10 minutes, which is too short for me.
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may 2017 by bodeswell
Sheet Pan Chicken 
and Mushrooms with Parsley Sauce
 Recipe - Julia Turshen | Food & Wine
2/12/17. Sheet Pan Chicken and Mushrooms in Parsley Sauce. I had chicken on the bone, so I browned it first, then cooked it for about thirty minutes, separate from the vegetables. I added sliced broccoli and red pepper slices to the mushrooms. I cooked the chicken separate from the vegetables, because I didn’t have room, and it probably lost something that way. The broccoli didn’t soften in the half hour, but it was OK. The parsley sauce is rustic, with the bits of garlic, and Carmela liked it that way.
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february 2017 by bodeswell
Recipe: Lemon Braised Chicken & Beans with Mint Pesto | The Kitchn
There's a slow cooker variation. In a Dutch oven, it cooks 1 1/2 hours. The lemon peel is fat strips, so avoidable. 2/18/14. Lemon-Braised Chicken and Beans with Mint Pesto. This worked out well, although I made a few changes. I used orange zest strips and orange juice rather than lemon, and basil pesto (no cheese) rather than mint. Although I would like to try the mint version sometime, the orange was a nice change and in some ways better, it seemed to me. I didn't use the dill.
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november 2013 by bodeswell
Moroccan Chicken and Couscous
11/7/13. I had a difficult time getting the timing and proportions right, partly because I was making two-thirds or three-quarters of the recipe. I started by searing the chicken thighs (cut smaller than in the recipe), removing it, then sautéing onion, celery, and garlic (not called for in this out-of-the-can meal), then returned the chicken to the pan with a full can of diced tomatoes, and maybe a half cup of canned vegetable stock (which was OK). Added the Israeli couscous and let that cooke for a while, contrary to the recipe. After five minutes the couscous didn’t look completely submerged, so I added more water. After another five minutes or so, the couscous was not only cooked, but sticking to the bottom of the pan. It was all OK, although not special. The squash did indeed cook in 25 minutes, though it tastes better when roasted.
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june 2012 by bodeswell
David Chang Recipe: BBQ Chicken | Men's Health
marinates for an hour or two, otherwise straightforward instead of the Korean gochujang sauce, sriracha would be OK 8/13. David Chang’s Barbecued Chicken. The hot marinade for this was very good as a marinade and also as a hot sauce – not burning. I wish I had had time to make the gochujang Korean hot sauce, but it was good with sambal oeleck (by mistake – it should be sriracha. Still good. I cooked bone-in chicken breast, legs, and thighs (not boneless thighs) on the barbecue. About 20 minutes off the heat, turned for another twenty minutes, then browned. It should have been an hour, though.
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january 2012 by bodeswell
Chicken and shrimp meatloaf
Poaching the meatloaves is the technique. 10/14/13. Chicken and Shrimp Meatloaf with Whole Grain Mustard Dipping Sauce. Another excellent recipe by Hirschfeld. Processed 12 oz of chicken thighs and 7-8 oz of shrimp. Maybe could have processed them a little more. Otherwise followed the recipe as closely as possible, except for the dipping sauce. For that, I just used the deli mustard that was available. But very good and pretty easy once you have the meats ready. Poaching the meatloaves takes 40 minutes. There were leftovers.
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november 2011 by bodeswell
General Tso's Chicken Recipe - Grace Parisi | Food & Wine
chili-garlic oil. Other recipe uses honey, no egg in the coating for frying. Also pan-fried though
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april 2011 by bodeswell

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