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Steve Mnuchin stole Cesar Sayoc's house / Boing Boing
Before Steve Mnuchin was in charge of the nation's economy, he was a foreclosure kingpin who left Goldman Sachs to found OneWest Bank (with money from George Soros!) in 2008; after the crisis, OneWest Bank acquired busted mortgage lender IndyMac, and became a notorious foreclosure mill, using robo-signed, back-dated, fraudulent documents to steal peoples' houses.

One of Mnuchin's customers was Cesar Sayoc, the man accused of sending bombs to a collection of people vilified by Donald Trump (including George Soros!).

IndyMac foreclosed on Sayoc in 2009, having converted his mortgage to a MERS ("a shell company that housed an electronic spreadsheet where mortgages could be quickly traded between buyers") using the Law Offices of David J. Stern, notorious for sleazy, fraudulent tactics.

Sayoc's foreclosure was typically fraudulent: backdated documents, never served, fraudulently executed, used to steal a home, signed by a woman who eventually admitted to forging signatures on documents used in foreclosure frauds.
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