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PartsBox: Take control of your parts inventory and BOM pricing
PartsBox is an online app that lets you take control of your electronic parts inventory, BOM pricing, and production. It keeps track of where components are stored, what the current stock levels are, and which components are used in which projects/BOMs.
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6 weeks ago by eriwst
unicode - <0xEF,0xBB,0xBF> character showing up in files. How to remove them? - Stack Overflow
You can easily remove them using vim, here are the steps:

1) In your terminal, open the file using vim:

vim file_name
2) Remove all BOM characters:

:set nobomb
3) Save the file:

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june 2019 by gregelin
Laird 莱尔德 爱立信 固态导热硅脂 厚1.0-3.0mm 相变材料 7片-淘宝网
Laird 莱尔德CPU GPU固态导热硅脂厚1.0-3.0MM 导热胶片 相变材料
导热胶片厚1.0-3.0mm 爱立信通讯基站使用的生产辅材
工业品质 工业包装 一条含有5小块
导热系数:>5W/mk. 高导热率
产品尺寸:20mm*20mm 热阻:0.1℃/W 相变温度:50度 颜色 :灰色
april 2019 by makerthink
淘宝, 店铺, 旺铺, 凌特尔
april 2019 by makerthink
Dependency-Track | Software Composition Analysis | OWASP
Dependency-Track is an intelligent Software Composition Analysis (SCA) platform that allows organizations to identify and reduce risk from the use of third-party and open source components. Dependency-Track is open-source and distributed under the Apache 2.0 license.
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february 2019 by plaxx

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