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🇯🇵 to be top shareholder of stocks - Nikkei
*Central bank on track to overtake state-run pension fund n…
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(4081) Warum wir alle ärmer werden – Top-Ökonom erklärt die Gründe! // Mission Money - YouTube
houses are unproductive / schuldeninfusion erhaelt am leben, zombie u.a. / wer bezahlt fuer EU schuldenschnitt? / German econ illusion / banken in eu immernoch sanierungsbeduerftig /
Productivity  output  gap  secular  stagnation  economic  history  book  Robotics  AI  augmented  artificial  intelligence  GFC  recovery  debt  overhang  Austerity  household  wage  growth  inflation  deflationary  deflation  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  Japan  BOE  Fed  BOJ  ECB  income  zombie  Richard  Koo  disposable  discretionary  spending  bank  bailout  NPL 
october 2017 by asterisk2a
Distortion of financial economy (speculation), underinvestment in real things.
7:33 QE and ZIRP and banks business model, the financialisation of the western economies, is causing underinvestment now for a too long time, in the real economy (companies, R&D, infrastructure, edu, productivity). - - TBTF central banks w QE blance sheet unable to unwind it! Loss of faith in politics and the system. (2) credit bubble from consumers that made the recovery w the help of ZIRP QE - zombie consumer zombie companies zombie banks - kept just about alive w QE and ZIRP. america uk worth more on paper due to credit and forex USD £ than their real economy realer wirtschaftswert (3) Argentina example.
ZIRP  NIRP  QE  housing  mortgage  bubble  real  estate  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  poverty  trap  social  income  mobility  recovery  GFC  central  banks  ECB  BOE  Fed  BOJ  austerity  Schuldenbremse  trickle-down  underinvestment  economic  history  TBTF 
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RT : All we have to do is look at . 10 years ago B/S was 26% of (where is today) and now they are 9…
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may 2017 by erikpupo
RBS to charge major financial institutions for holding their cash | Business | The Guardian
Royal Bank of Scotland is to start charging major financial institutions for any cash it holds on their behalf for trading purposes, in the latest illustration of the impact of Mark Carney’s post-Brexit vote stimulus package.
ZIRP  NIRP  QE  UK  USA  Germany  unintended  consequences  unknown  economic  history  BOE  FED  ECB  BOJ  monetary  policy  distortion 
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Keiser Report: Gold & World’s Debt Problems (Summer Solutions series E940) - YouTube
deflationary trap/liquidity trap - orthodox monetary policy w austerity = stagnation. & west is exporting deflation. // if it is good for consumers ... break up banks. // hedging is BS ... you double the system you double the risk. [...] banks are now bigger! ... ban most derivatives, and reintroduce glass stegall // Black-Schoeles - there is no such think as risk free rate and no such thing as the past reflect the future. risk is not equally distributed. [...] VAR is flawed. //
deflation  deflationary  NIRP  currency  war  currency  debasement  ZIRP  QE  Helicopter  Money  secular  stagnation  western  world  Abenomics  BOE  BOJ  Fed  ECB  economic  history  Richard  Koo  liquidity  trap  debt  overhang  balance  sheet  recession  consumer  debt  household  debt  mortgage  mortgage  market  mortgage  rates  distortion  hunt  for  yield  credit  boom  credit  bubble  PBOC  China  reflate  reflation  squeezed  middle  class  wage  growth  income  growth  income  distribution  income  disparity  working  poor  Precariat  Brexit  GFC  too  big  to  jail  productive  investment  underinvestment  austerity  history  productivity  gap  financial  instruments  investment  banking  global  economy  globalisation  globalization  derivatives  output  gap  productivity  recovery  neoliberal  neoliberalism  Chicago  School  neoclassical  economics  deregulation  Wall  Street  speculative  bubble  property  bubble  Beton  Gold  Betongold  stagnation  aggregate  demand  aggregate  demand  short-fall  too  big  to  bail  too  big  to  fail  TBTF  complexity  systemic  risk  systemrelevant  systemicrisk  systemrelevanz  zombie  bank  zombie  banks  non-performing  loan  leverage  hedge  Glass-Steagall  Black-Scholes  Equation 
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Behind the Bond-Stock Divide Is a Big and Risky Bet on Central Banks - WSJ
The idea is that if stocks are rising, bond yields should be climbing too. Here's how to reconcile it. The answer is central banks. If rates are going to stay lower for longer; if more rounds of quantitative easing are coming; if new ways of easing are coming -- the rates should be going down and stocks moving higher. [...] It's about dividends paying more than bonds. 90% of the bond market universe is near 2% or lower. //&! //&! - When your nation's bonds are trading with a record low 28bps negative yield (10Y JGBs), everything else in the world (aside from Swiss 10Y) is a relative 'value'...
bond  bubble  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  equity  bubble  hunt  for  yield  central  banks  BIS  Fed  BOE  ECB  BOJ  PBOC  secular  stagnation  wage  growth  output  gap  productivity  gap  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  Precariat  inequality  Gini  coefficient  western  world  rising  middleclass  Asia  BRIC  income  distribution  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  crony  capitalism  capitalism  in  crisis  capitalism  neoliberal  neoliberalism  globalisation  global  economy  globalization  free  trade  dividends  underinvestment  business  confidence  consumer  confidence  discretionary  spending  disposable  income  student  debt  consumer  debt  car  loan  property  bubble  speculative  bubble  speculative  bubbles  distortion  asset  allocation  austerity  AI  Robotics  automation  augmented  intelligence  Structural  Impediments  imbalance  unemployment  long-term  unemployment  skills  gap  skill-biased  technological  change  skills  shortage  economic  history  Brexit  technological  history  underemployed  underemployment  part-time  deflation  deflationary  JGB 
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IMF defends negative interest rates despite risks
"Although the experience with negative nominal interest rates is limited, we tentatively conclude that overall they help deliver additional monetary stimulus and easier financial conditions," three top officials at the International Monetary Fund wrote in a blo
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june 2016 by Werderbach
The Real Story Behind the U.S. Dollar's Decline - Bloomberg
"What it means: the Fed is not the dollar’s friend," concludes Juckes. "A stronger dollar only comes when others get their real rates/yields lower, and over the last three months, U.S. real yields have fallen by more than in other major economies and indeed, Japanese real yields have risen."
japan  MacroEconomy  FRB  boj  ecb  fx 
june 2016 by Werderbach
The Real Story Behind the U.S. Dollar's Decline - Bloomberg
"What it means: the Fed is not the dollar’s friend," concludes Juckes. "A stronger dollar only comes when others get their real rates/yields lower, and over the last three months, U.S. real yields have fallen by more than in other major economies and indeed, Japanese real yields have risen."
boj  ECB  MacroEconomy  FRB  fx  japan 
may 2016 by 210054
RT : Monetary policy reaching exhaustion via
Fed  FX  ECB  BOJ  from twitter
april 2016 by fredrikeliasson
IMF defends negative interest rates despite risks
"Although the experience with negative nominal interest rates is limited, we tentatively conclude that overall they help deliver additional monetary stimulus and easier financial conditions," three top officials at the International Monetary Fund wrote in a blo
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april 2016 by 210054
Tasting menu: Audio highlights from the February 20th 2016 edition by The Economist
"liberal centrist politicians are not up to the job" always claiming the confidence fairy will show up if they stop what they are doing! "faith in monetary policy is wavering" ... emerging market debt bubble (through hunt for yield, QE, ZIRP, NIRP, credit bubble originating from China) is unwinding and threatening global system stability.
aggregate  demand  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  China  ECB  BOJ  Abenomics  Taper  QT  Fed  distortion  hot-money  austerity  Richard  Koo  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse  George  Osborne  secular  stagnation  western  world  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Angela  Merkel  European  Union  Mark  Carney  BOE  property  bubble  policy  monetary  policy  economic  history  Gini  coefficient  inequality  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  underinvestment  productivity  output  gap  lost  decade  lost  generation  Generationengerechtigkeit  bank  bailout  fairness  recovery  unintended  consequences 
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