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RT : waterbombing the in NSW shows just how serious it is. Kudos to everyone helping out…
Australia  Boeing  bushfires  from twitter
7 days ago by kcarruthers
Boeing patented intermodal container plane - FreightWaves
Not a classic BWB nor a flying wing, this thing just sits on the containers and swallows them up. Looking kinda Bartini there...
Boeing  patent  intermodal  cargo  container  airplane  aircraft 
4 weeks ago by asteroza
Why Boeing shareholders can look to Chipotle as the path back to stock returns - CNBC buyOpportunity buy opportunity investment retirement needsEditing
A comparison of the Chipotle and Boeing crises reveals noted similarities, which should give Boeing investors a better sense of how long a recovery could take. Read the full story
Shared from Apple News
Why  Boeing  shareholders  can  look  to  Chipotle  as  the  path  back  stock  returns  -  CNBC  buyOpportunity  buy  opportunity  investment  retirement  needsEditing  from iphone
5 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
A Boeing code leak exposes security flaws deep in a 787’s guts
Boeing's response to this glaring security lapse has not been reassuring.
5 weeks ago by gil
Well, 2019 really isn’t Boeing’s year, is it?
boeing  787  CyberSecurity  from twitter
5 weeks ago by TomRaftery

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