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Honest Work
Honesty is the new game changer. Real jobs, real salaries, real transparency.
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12 days ago by zacanger
Cheapskate Gamer Variant | Tak | BoardGameGeek
"I have been playing this game using a chess board, a bunch of checkers, and some chess pieces.

The checkers represent the standard pieces and the capstones are represented by bishops, knights, and/or rooks.

Since checkers cannot stand on their side without rolling around, walls are represented by a flat checker with a pawn placed in the center (for this variant we call them travelers instead of walls).

When a capstone (for this variant we call them assassins instead of capstones) enters a square with a wall (our traveler), the pawn is removed from the board and the checker piece is treated as a standard piece from that point on."
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13 days ago by rwhe

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