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Adafruit customer service forums • View topic - BNO055 slow over i2c
The younger and improved brother is the BNO080 from Hillcrest
it provides fused quaternions up to 400Hz, better dynamic performance, calibration etc
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april 2019 by j4n
Overview | Adafruit BNO055 Absolute Orientation Sensor | Adafruit Learning System
Adafruit BNO055 Absolute Orientation Sensor
Absolute orientation without the Ph.D in digital signal processing!
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july 2018 by stuehler
kriswiner/BNO-055 · GitHub
The Kalman filter is rock solid on the BNO-055 compared to the open-source Madgwick sensor fusion; the heading is very stable but there is a difference between the hardware and open-source heading by about 180 degrees. This must have something to do with the orientation of the sensor axes using the default Windows orientation scheme. Maybe the result will be different using the Android scheme.
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april 2015 by j4n
BNO-055 9-axis motion sensor with hardware fusion from onehorse on Tindie
On the latest version of the board, I did not break out the boot pin since Bosch has told me they do not expect users to change the firmware. I notice that the first batch of BNO-055 chips has firmware version 02.B0 while the data sheet says it should be 03.04. So apparently, the firmware does change and I will redesign the board to breakout the boot pin so future firmware upgrades are possible.
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april 2015 by j4n

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