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Purchasing The BMW i3 Is A Bold Decision: New Ad Video
BMW i3 is the first all-electric BMW on the market, available since late 2013. In a little over five years, the German manufacturer is approaching 150,000 sales. Interestingly, i3 sales have been increasing every single year (to 36,829 in 2018).
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Bayern Munich: Agreement with BMW is true, 800M euros amount is not
Yes, there is an agreement, the BMW Group will be the new automotive partner and therefore an important sponsor of FC Bayern Munich. But the rumored sums of up to 800 million euros “are wrong in the back and the front.
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6 days ago by automotive
RT : Comparison of cumulative CO2 emissions of owning a and in Germany. Break-ev…
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65 years ago today (11 Match 1954) introduced the BMW 502 saloon at the Geneva Motor Show.…
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