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TDEE Calculator
Alec recommends this calculator to understand energy requirements
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february 2017 by dittakavi
Your running watch explained: How to understand the stats
Here are ten clever smartwatch stats and what they mean for your PB:
1. Vertical oscillation
2. Cadence
3. HR Max
4. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
5. Heart Rate Zones
6. VO2 Max
7. Orthostatic Test
8. Ground Contact
9. Lactate threshold
10. Excess post-exercice oxygen consumption (EPOC)
marathon  running  watch  guidance  vertical-oscillation  cadence  hr-max  bmr  heart-rate-zones  vo2-max  orthostatic-test  ground-contact  lactate-threshold  epoc 
april 2016 by calvinyu
Losing weight with Apple Watch - Matt Gemmell
How to make some small changes each day, and shed some extra pounds.
matt  gemmell  blogger  apple  watch  losing  lose  weight  fitness  quantified  health  nutrition  active  resting  calories  calorie  count  counts  recquired  bmr  excercise 
june 2015 by mbspb
remplacement parts distributor for rona, bmr and other rebranded things. They also refer to service companies
repair  diy  oem  powertools  quebec  rona  bmr 
april 2015 by plaxx

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