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BMG Sues Hilton Hotels Over 'Infringing' YouTube & Facebook Promo Videos
BMG Production Music is suing Hilton Worldwide after the hotel company allegedly used unlicensed music in several videos published to YouTube and Facebook. A lawsuit filed in New York states that despite being warned, Hilton continued to infringe, and as a result is guilty of direct, contributory, and vicarious copyright infringement.
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BMG revenues rose 7.5% in 2018 to $644m
BMG’s revenues grew by 7.5% in 2018, hitting €545m ($644m). The Bertelsmann-owned firm said its results were driven by organic growth. BMG said that it benefited in particular from the expansion of its recordings business, which grew “strongly” during the reporting year. The company’s operating EBITDA rose 17.3% to €122m ($144m; previous year: €104m), boosted by the increase in revenues and economies of scale. The EBITDA margin rose to 22.5% (previous year: 20.5%).
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Lieber , für die Option „Platz 1“ war jetzt kein Platz mehr oder wie? Abokündigung ist raus!
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BMG revenues top $290m in first half of 2018, with recorded music making up over a third of sales
BMG is once again on course to turn over in excess of $500m in a calendar year, after posting its half-year 2018 results today (August 30). Hampered by unfavourable currency exchange rates, Bertelsmann-owned BMG’s total turnover across publishing and records was up 3.3% in H1 2018, to €241m ($292m). According to an internal note sent to staff by BMG CEO Hartwig Masuch today, that number was in fact up 9.2% when currency effects are removed – growth which Masuch said was “nearly twice the expected rate of growth of the market as a whole”.
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BMG boss Hartwig Masuch: 'We are the fourth major music company'
“I think we can do whatever you think a major should be able to do,” Masuch told Variety Executive Editor, Shirley Halperin, during their on-stage Midem chat. “Getting the perspective right, yeah, we are the fourth major. “Our DNA – by acquiring a lot of very important independent companies – is that we share the values of [those] independent companies, so we have an appreciation of creativity and artists. But our ambition is that we are a major, because being a major for me means you have global access to the markets, and you are able to give artists a global perspective on several parameters [across] recording and publishing."
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RT : Ich habe das dreimal gelesen, aber das steht da wirklich: (Bertelsmann) weiß, wie verletzend die Texte von…
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april 2018 by ballaschk
Ich habe das dreimal gelesen, aber das steht da wirklich: (Bertelsmann) weiß, wie verletzend die Texte von…
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BMG revenues topped $550m in 2017, up 22% year-on-year
BMG’s sales hit €507m ($573m) in the year, up 21.8% on the €416m it generated in 2016. The firm said this increase was “attributable to higher revenues across all market segments and regions through organic growth and acquisition, especially in the recorded music business and in the British, US and Australian publishing business”.
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IT.podcast.s07.e01: BMG Live at No Way Back - 10th Anniversary by ithqdetroit | Free Listening on SoundCloud
IT.podcast.s07.e01: BMG Live at No Way Back - 10th Anniversary by ithqdetroit Here is BMG DJing at the No Way Back 10th Anniversary in Detroit. After Erika’s set, he played a solo live set composed specially for this party, followed by this DJ set, directly before Patrick Russell took over sometime around 6AM.
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BMG Wants Appeals Court to Rehear Cox Piracy Liability Case
Music publisher BMG has petitioned the Court of Appeals for a rehearing of the piracy liability case against Internet provider Cox. The panel of judges reached the wrong conclusion when it overturned the $25 million verdict and issued a new trial, the company says. The RIAA and the National Music Publishers Association back the request.
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