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Business Models for Local News: Building Products to Increase Revenue and Engagement
Part Five of “Business Models for Local News: A Field Scan” from The Shorenstein Center and The Lenfest Institute.
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16 days ago by paulbradshaw
The Young Turks now has 27k paying subscribers accounting for half of its revenue - Digiday
TYT Network has “a little over 27,000 subscribers” who pay from $5 to $10 a month to watch the company’s shows sans ads and to access exclusive programming and other perks, according to TYT Network CEO Cenk Uygur. Last August, TYT Network said it had 30,000 paying subscribers, which Uygur says was wrong. “There was a technical error on our website that caused a misreporting of that number,” he said, adding that the company has not seen a decline in its subscriber base.
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24 days ago by paulbradshaw
BMW Z4 M40i Roadster First Edition says hello at Pebble Beach ...
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27 days ago by dealerautoglassaz
The hit podcast In the Dark is bringing “meaningful interactions” — and money — to the investigation » Nieman Journalism Lab
There’s little argument over whether In the Dark is a quality podcast. Some listeners feel it’s even worth $50 to join a Facebook group for it.

That’s one way that American Public Media is fundraising for In the Dark, the investigative/true crime podcast hosted by Madeleine Baran (and named as one of the best podcasts of 2018 by our podcasting expert Nicholas Quah of Hot Pod, with accolades from critics at Vox as well). In its two months of existence, more than 250 people have joined the group, which is for donors only. (And $50 is only the minimum donation.)

“I’m a millennial, so I’ve been focusing more on experiences for listeners and how they can dive deeper into the programs they love,” said Emily Kittleson, APM’s national fundraising manager. She said more than 1,000 people have donated to In the Dark this season (a “big increase in donations” compared to the first), and the number of donors in the group is comparable to how many would actually accept a material incentive, like a mug or a tote bag.
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9 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
54 newsrooms, 9 countries, and 9 core ideas: Here’s what two researchers found in a yearlong quest for journalism innovation » Nieman Journalism Lab
news media most successful at creating and maintaining ties with their readers, users, listeners and viewers will increasingly be media that dare challenge some of the journalist dogmas of the last century: the dogma of arm’s length; the dogma of neutrality; the dogma of objectivity; the belief that journalists have a special ability to find and choose what is important for citizens. And not least: the basic idea, that journalism is primarily about transporting news and information from A to B.
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9 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
When it comes to launching serious, sustainable membership programs for journalism, ask for more, more often, and aim higher » Nieman Journalism Lab
12 per month, for instance, is a “sweet spot,” representing the average monthly donation across every Hub participant, according to Walter-Brown. The Hub tries to guide all readers to a monthly giving plan: on average, a monthly donor gives ends up giving for around 20 months, while there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between the one-time or yearly donors.
“The best predictor of membership loyalty is whether an organization has been talking to their audiences already about their need to raise money. If they’ve established that expectation in any way, although there are some anomalies, that is a great predictor,” Walter-Brown said. “Have they done anything to start to build that loyalty? The other predictor is how many subscribers you have on your list, and how engaged those subscribers on your list are: for instance, are they opening your newsletters on a regular basis?” With participants’ consent, the Hub collects monthly data from them — information that feeds into a model that can then give projections for reasonable revenue goals.
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10 weeks ago by paulbradshaw

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