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Playbook for Launching a Local, Nonprofit News Outlet - Shorenstein Center
The project builds on the News Revenue Hub’s experience working with news organizations, industry groups, and researchers across the country. In line with the Hub’s mission, this playbook is designed to give emerging journalism ventures the tools they need to get started as they establish sustainable operations and fortify access to quality journalism in communities everywhere.
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9 days ago by paulbradshaw
How the Personalisation of News Will Save Journalism (if it doesn't kill it first) — NevaLabs
Our objective at NevaLabs is to build solutions for journalists and publishers willing to invest in their relationship with the empowered individual. As we set out to create a new model of purposeful personalisation, we’re keeping a set of broad principles firmly fixed in our minds:
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24 days ago by paulbradshaw
Former Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile wants to save the media industry by blocking ads - Recode
Past attempts to offer ad-blocking experiences — the ones that publishers have signed on for, anyway — have all failed, Haile said, because they added “friction” for the consumer, rather than taking it away.

“Many of the corpses in the graveyard I have to wade through on a daily basis, that have attempted this thing, have come at this by saying, ‘I’m going to create this amazing app,’” he said. “‘It’s going to be a beautiful app. And all you have to do to use it is change everything about how you discover content.’”
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24 days ago by paulbradshaw
Above Avalon: Above Avalon Subscriptions Turn Three
One thing that I didn't necessarily expect to happen was an online community to develop around Above Avalon. The Above Avalon subscriber forum in Slack continues to see an increasing amount of interaction and discussion. Subscribers currently reside in 55 countries and hold a diverse range of backgrounds and occupations. They include Silicon Valley executives and investors, the largest Apple shareholders, and the leading Apple journalists and writers in the business.
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4 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Zetland’s members asked for an audio version — and now it’s more popular than their written stories » Nieman Journalism Lab
The response has been so overwhelming that since the fall, 60 percent of Zetland members have been listening to their journalism compared to 40 percent reading. Zetland has 10,000 members — up from 8,500 last year — with a price tagof 99 kroner (US $12.30) per month or 999 kroner (US $124.08) per year. They haven’t broken even yet, but they’re on track to do so next year and just brought on new investors, Korsgaard said.
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5 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Friday lunchtime lecture: The tenacity of building a business from FOI and open data – The ODI
When I started, most local authorities (of 348) refused to publish citing the risk of such data being used to commit crime. I proved, in a number of appeals to the Information Commissioner, that such fears were complete fallacies. To date, ICO has issued 15 decision notices in my favour, compelling local authorities to release vacancy data.
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7 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
The Bottom-Up Media Revolution: How Social Entrepreneurs are Building Trust Between Communities and the Media
Based on a deep analysis of fifty Ashoka Fellows whose primary aim is addressing problems associated with media, the report shows the five overarching goals that unite their work and the various approaches they have adopted to achieve them.

The five overarching goals include:

Improving the infrastructure and environment within which the media operatesImproving standards of reporting to strengthen the quality of journalismEnsuring the media is a vehicle for civic engagementMaking the media a self-sustaining businessIncreasing media literacy by providing the public with diverse and representative content.
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9 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Alexa, can you get my kid to brush his teeth? (Oh, and Alexa? How exactly can I make money with you?) » Nieman Journalism Lab
Chompers emerges against an Alexa development environment that happens to ban all third-party ads(with some exceptions for music and flash briefing apps). It’s also an environment that seems to encourage advertisers and brands to directly create or commission skills themselves; a sort of Alexa-skill equivalent of the branded podcast. For further consideration of this, I highly recommend this Wired piece, “Amazon’s Alexa Wants You To Talk To Your Ads,” from December.

All of this amounts to a deeply uncertain context for audio publishers thinking about investing time and resources in creating a presence on the platform. Even if the smart speaker category feels really exciting in general, it’s incredibly hard for publishers to figure out a decent way to yield returns — a problem exacerbated by Amazon’s total and often opaque governance of the Alexa platform
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10 weeks ago by paulbradshaw

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