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Filling the Void: Non-profit news and factors affecting government conflict coverage: Digital Journalism: Vol 6, No 3
The public needs to be aware of conflict in order to participate effectively in a democracy. The demise of local news has threatened the normative role of journalism in this process. With traditional news organizations struggling, non-profit sites have set out to fill the void. Whether or not they can indeed function as substitutes, however, has largely been unexplored. This case-oriented study examines how frequently stories about local government conflict appeared in the coverage of 10 for-profit and non-profit sites in metropolitan areas, and what factors predicted such coverage. A structural equation model was used to test the direct and indirect effects of organization-level and reporter-level variables. Results indicate non-profit news sites are more likely to cover government conflict, and that this difference is caused by variables inherent to the organizations.
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Power is Everywhere: How Stakeholder Driven Media Build the Future of Watchdog News
The book serves as a manual for founders of stakeholder-driven media, coaching them through the process of creating a business model and putting it to work. A key feature of SDM business models, say the authors, resides in changing the relationship of a media to its users, by entering their community to serve them. The SDM business model, they argue, aims first and foremost to protect, promote and prevail for its users.

The book also sets out a new strategy for achieving social impact through watchdog journalism, based on studies of organizational crises in which communities and coalitions serve as levers of influence. The authors show that SDM can and do generate impact even in the absence of attention from mainstream media. They dissect strategies by which stakeholder groups have prevailed in conflicts with much larger adversaries. They show that the power of actionable, verified information enables coalitions even among communities who pursue different goals. In conclusion, the book details monetization and growth strategies for the next generation of SDM. Says co-author Mark Lee Hunter, “At a time when mainstream media are downsizing, SDM will provide jobs to many journalists, and news to a growing public. We seek to identify and improve a model that will meet those goals through valid, influential information and meaning.”
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