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Exploring our future, inspired by our past | Blyth Tall Ship
Through the inspiration of the discovery of Antarctica by a local hero, we want to provide hope for an entire community emerging from difficult times.We deliver aspiration through mentoring and leadership and give back purpose to a young generation that deserves better.
museum  sailing  classic  boats  marine  history  education  training  apprenticeships  workshop  blyth  northumberland 
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UK state should pay for housing, food, transport and internet, says report | Business | The Guardian
UK state should pay for housing, food, transport and internet, says report
‘Universal basic services’ costing about £42bn could be funded through higher taxes, say Jonathan Portes and academics //&! - Report proposes £10,000 for everyone under 55 - Most state benefits would be cut under the scheme. The RSA said the dividends would help steer people through the challenges of the 2020s. [...] "Without a real change in our thinking, neither tweaks to the welfare state nor getting people into work alone, when the link between hard work and fair pay has broken, will help working people meet the challenges ahead." [[...] space for skill acquisition, what UK system currently rules out completely ]]!!
UBI  Universal  Basic  Infrastructure  Income  commuter  urban  development  urbanisation  commuting  Socialism  Labour  Policy  SPD  air  pollution  chronic  stress  economic  history  UK  USA  Council  housing  discretionary  spending  disposable  growth  wage  Mark  Blyth  secular  stagnation  Precariat  working  poor  poverty  trap  GFC  recovery  skill  acquisition  social  mobility  education  ganularer  Lebenslauf  University  College  MOOC  meritocracy  Zufall 
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(5666) Mark Blyth: The Economic Crisis and the Rise of Trumpism - YouTube
'welcome to global populism: your debts are too high you wage just pays minimum payment off, your wage growth 0 for decades, inflation doesn't inflate away debt, more like eats away at meage wage increase, secular stagnation, baby boomers retire w 4 chronic diseases burden on public purse sickcare and defined pensions = demand reduction'. // Mark Blyth's lecture at UCLA’s Center for Social Theory and Comparative History, recorded by Jacobin Radio with Suzi Weissman.
Recorded: January 29th, 2018
Mark  Blyth  economic  history  GFC  Austerity  Brexit  AfD  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  technocracy  inequality  income  wage  growth  disposable  discretionary  spending  debt  servicing  bubble  secular  stagnation  babyboomers 
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Banker Leonhard Fischer über selbstzerstörerischen Finanzkapitalismus - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Fischer: Die Globalisierung der Finanzmärkte besteht im Wesentlichen darin, dass die Amerikaner sich in ihrer eigenen Währung verschulden können und den Dollar so in die ganze Welt exportiert haben, um ihr riesiges Leistungsbilanzdefizit zu finanzieren. Ich habe als junger Banker bei J.P. Morgan selbst erlebt, wie die Investmentbanker in Scharen erst nach London flogen, dann nach Tokio und schließlich nach China, um Dollaranleihen für Schuldner aus den USA zu platzieren. Gleichzeitig investierten wir das Geld amerikanischer Fonds weltweit in Unternehmen und Immobilien. Ganz Amerika hat sich wie ein gigantischer Hedgefonds verhalten. So entstand die globale Finanzmarktmaschinerie, die in Wahrheit vor allem eine amerikanische ist.
Bitcoin  Dollar  fiat  currency  GFC  petro  WallStreet  Chomsky  neoliberal  neoliberalism  globalisation  globalization  China  IMF  USA  Empire  Capitalism  exploitation  economic  history  Blyth  Austerity  Chicago  liberalism  trust  oil  OPEC  petrodollar  Fed  bailout  self-regulation  money 
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Millennials wish they had grown up in baby boomers' times – survey | Money | The Guardian
Resolution Foundation study reveals growing concern about debt, job security, home ownership and retirement finances [...] “I feel sorry for millennials. They live in this low-wage economy now,” said one baby boomer. “I’m not sure how they’re going to afford anything. It’s dreadful.”
Babyboomers  Mark  Blyth  MarkBlyth  Millennials  Generationengerechtigkeit  poverty  trap  neoliberal  neoliberalism  Capitalism  Exploitation  affordable  housing  Generation  Rent  seeking  Rentier  UK  student  debt  job  security  Standard  of  Living 
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(2195) Mark Blyth Telling The US Senate That Austerity Policy Is Wrong - YouTube
Mark Blyth & Makers v Takers & Erbschaft & asset & capital tax // wolfgang schäuble George Osborne David Cameron // >> Growth cures debt, cuts / austerity causes debt!!!
Mark  Blyth  UK  USA  Austerity  taxation  corporate  corporatism  welfare  state  NHS  income  tax  GFC  asset  capital  recovery  underinvestment  secular  stagnation  bond  bubble  economic  history  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  BOE  productivity  budget  Super  Rich  Plutocracy  trickle-down  Oligarchy  1%  10%  profit  maximisation  shareholder  immigration  gini  Coefficient  FX  Forex  confidence  fairy  globalisation  evasion  avoidance  HMRC  bank  bailout  badbank  bad  Schuldenbremse  Fiscal  Pact  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Angela  Merkel  PIGS  Policy  IMF  BIS  ECB  Fed 
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Welcome to the Reuben R. Sallows Digital Library
The Reuben R. Sallows Digital Library is an online resource produced by the Huron County Library, in collaboration with the Sallows Gallery. This digital repository provides central access to six geographically dispersed collections of pictorial art created by Canadian photographic pioneer Reuben R. Sallows (1855-1937), plus biographical information, virtual exhibits, research materials and themed learning activities.
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What Trump Voters Know That The Democrat Elite Don't! (Mark Blyth Interview) - YouTube
even Bill Clinton pushed neoliberalism further. Surrender! Book how Clinton ended the new deal! / race to the bottom.
Mark  Blyth  neoliberalism  book  USA  Bill  Clinton  Reagan  economic  history  crony  capitalism  corporatism 
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20170201 - Tucker Carlson Tonight - Professor Mark Blyth on the World Wide Middle Class - YouTube
lived experience last 30 years = Trump Brexit Front National AfD /// Trump was bound to happen - - Russell Brand on Donald Trump's Presidency - Full Interview - on radio X w moyles.
Mark  Blyth  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Brexit  AfD  Front  National  economic  history  USA  Germany  UK  France 
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Mark Blyth--"Liberalisms' great trick has been to naturalize very difficult political contests." - YouTube
'blocking coalitions' libdems and tories, GroKo, ... Dems/Obama, // /// Trump was bound to happen - - Russell Brand on Donald Trump's Presidency - Full Interview - on radio X w moyles.
Brexit  DonaldTrump  Centrists  GroKo  democracy  history  neoliberalism  technological  unemployment  far-right  right-wing  Nationalism  Mark  Blyth  Protectionism  Populism  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  Precariat  Armutsrisiko  poverty  trap  social  mobility  income  gini  Coefficient  inequality  Austerity  bank  bailout 
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