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Food and Finance blurring through technology – Daily Fintech
As technology blurs business lines and `forces` incumbents to get rid of silos, Wealth Management & Capital Markets become broader. Wealth Management & Capital Markets are being re-imagined as we speak.
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january 2019 by marshallk
Why blurring sensitive information is a bad idea | | Dheera Venkatraman's web site
The solution is simple: Don't blur your images! Instead, just color over them: Remember, you want to leave your visitors with NO information, not blurred information.
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august 2018 by fjordaan
South Korean Perp Walks: What's Up With the Blurred Handcuffs? | ké radar
It wasn’t always like this. In the past, when suspects in police custody appeared on television, their handcuffs were in no way obscured. But organizations including South Korea’s National Human Rights Commission have argued that publishing images of a suspect in handcuffs violates her or his rights.

Media startup Dotface released a video breaking down the legalese behind the fuzzy handcuffs, which posits that upon seeing someone in media reports clad in handcuffs, viewers will be likely to conclude that that person is a criminal, even though they haven’t been convicted of anything. Article 27 of the South Korean Constitution guarantees the presumption of innocence and police guidelines state that handcuffs shouldn’t be exposed to prevent feelings of “personal shame” for the accused.

The Press Arbitration Commission issued a document citing those standards and explaining that media outlets are not legally obligated to pixelate handcuffs, since the directive to do so is only an internal police guideline, but deeming it “desirable to protect the human rights of the suspect” by not revealing handcuffs or rope used to tie her or his hands together.

There is also a legal basis for concealing the identities of the accused: In 2012 the Constitutional Court ruled that there was no public interest reason for journalists to report the faces and identities of criminal suspects.

South Korea isn’t the only country that polices images of suspects in handcuffs. In France, the dissemination of such images is illegal. As such, many in France were outraged when in 2011 images of then-International Monetary Fund honcho Dominique Strauss-Kahn being paraded in handcuffs in New York were broadcast around the world. Strauss-Kahn was accused of sexually assaulting a member of the cleaning staff at the hotel where he was staying.

That case, and the French backlash, led to some reflection on the U.S. perp walk practice. The Atlantic wrote at the time that “the pre-trial practice of parading those accused of criminal conduct before the press is terribly prejudicial and unfair” in a piece that ran under the headline, “Hey France, You Are Right About the Perp Walk.”

Yale Law School Professor James Whiteman told NPR that the French practice is based on the premise that “everybody has the right to be treated with respect.” Reuters wrote that since the 1920s, U.S government officials, “have used perp walks to bolster public support for prosecutors.”

But is showing suspects in pixelated handcuffs any better? Surely anyone seeing those images can easily tell that there are handcuffs beneath the pixels.

The Dotface video argues that the pixelation has symbolic value: Even though viewers will recognize that the suspect is cuffed, blurring the image amounts to a tacit reminder that the suspect is still just a suspect, not a convicted criminal.
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november 2017 by thegrandnarrative
Matthew Panzarino on Twitter: "Ok, fun. On additional inquiry, Apple clarified that it is indeed using a custom disc blur, not gaussian blur, on iPhone 7 Portrait mode."
Ok, fun. On additional inquiry, Apple clarified that it is indeed using a custom disc blur, not gaussian blur, on iPhone 7 Portrait mode.
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april 2017 by pitiphong_p
Library project to display DialogFragment with a blur effect.
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june 2015 by tp78
Influencia - Etudes - Tout bouge, tout change, tout fout le camp !
2014, le = "zone floue produite par un monde hybride dans lequel les lignes ne cessent de bouger"
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december 2013 by xtof
Optimizing Gaussian blurs on a mobile GPU | Sunset Lake Software
Optimizing Gaussian blurs on a mobile GPU With the launch of iOS 7, and its use of blurs throughout the interface, there's been a lot of interest in fast ways of blurring content. GPUImage has had a reasonably performant, but somewhat limited Gaussian blur implementation for a while, but I've not bee
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october 2013 by pitiphong_p
Luminary: LiveFrost: Fast, Synchronous UIView Snapshot Convolving
LiveFrost: Fast, Synchronous UIView Snapshot Convolving LiveFrost is a new thing that Nicholas and I have spent half an evening working on. It gives you fast and synchronous UIView snapshot convolution by providing a LFFrostView, a blurring view for UIKit which you can drop into any superview to be b
blur  blurring  drawing  hack  ios7  snapshot  uiview 
september 2013 by pitiphong_p

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