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40% Keyboards: mf68 revised PCB
This is a replacement PCB for the Magicforce 68 keyboard. It is powered by a cheap Pro Micro controller. This is the second version, more information can be read in this post and details on github.
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yesterday by deusx
Arduino - Arduino101
The Arduino/Genuino 101 is a learning and development board which contains the Intel® Curie™ Module, designed to integrate the core's low power-consumption and high performance with the Arduino's ease-of-use. The 101 adds Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities and has an on-board 6-axis accelerometer/gyroscope, providing exciting opportunities for building creative projects in the connected world. More information about the technical specifications and documentation can be found on the Arduino/Genuino 101 main page.
bluetooth  arduino  tutorial 
2 days ago by awhite
nRF Toolbox on the App Store
The nRF Toolbox works with a wide range of the most popular Bluetooth Low Energy accessories.
It contains applications demonstrating BLE profiles: Cycling Speed and Cadence, Running Speed and Cadence, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Health Thermometer Monitor, Glucose Monitor and Proximity Monitor.
The Device Firmware Update (DFU) profile, that is also included, allows one to upload the application image over-the-air (OTA). It is compatible with Nordic Semiconductor nRF5x devices that have the SoftDevice and DFU Bootloader installed.
arduino  bluetooth  ios 
2 days ago by awhite
Wireless electronic devices and health - Wikipedia
Thermal radiation is known have adverse health affects.

There is no proven mechanism by which nonthermal radiation can affect biochemistry and so it is regarded as unharmful. However there are clearly reservations about this. It takes time and good science to prove anything regardless of how likely or logical the hypothesis.

The World Health Organisation classifies wireless radiation as a Group 2B carcinogen (in the same category as coffee). The British Health Protection Agency acknowledges there is "no consistent evidence" to support the harmful effects of nonthermal radiation but that " is a sensible precautionary keep the situation under ongoing review..."

It therefore seems sensible to at least take small measures to minimise exposure (don't rest laptop on your lap, don't use wireless headphones, store phone away from genitals, etc).
emf  health  electromagnetism  wifi  bluetooth  radio-waves 
3 days ago by d-metcalfe
The best wireless bluetooth headphones for running and working out | Ars Technica
We tested close to 20 workout headphones to see if any pair is worth buying.
Even as Bluetooth headphones continue to skyrocket in popularity, the state of wireless exercise headphones remains a bit hairy. Though the benefits of Bluetooth seem perfectly suited for the gym, and while there’s no shortage of demand for an uncompromised set of wireless workout headphones, the ideal pair always appears to be just out of reach.
I say this because I’ve spent the past few weeks searching for one pair of workout headphones I could unequivocally recommend to anyone. I called in 18 separate pairs for testing. I then put each one through a variety of workouts, from jogs to burpees to basketball games, to ensure they’d stay in place and not short-circuit when I sweat all over them.
wireless  bluetooth  headphones  comparo  exercise 
7 days ago by rgl7194

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