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Visual Guide to Customer Journey Mapping Process
Good detail of analog trad process of #customer #journey #mapping + compares journey maps to #service #blueprint experience maps, others #CX #research
service  design  customer  user  research  journey  map  howto  guide  blueprint  comparison  experience  process  marketing  automation  value  proposition  csr19 
15 days ago by csrollyson
What Is an Empathy Map?
Short & sweet: How to use #customer #empathy #maps + example & tools #CX #journey
customer  journey  service  design  blueprint  empathy  map  example  howto  csr19  digital  analog 
21 days ago by csrollyson
How to create a customer journey map | MyCustomer
Solid all around: Why and how to build a #customer #journey #map + supporting artifacts #service #design #CX
customer  journey  map  howto  service  design  blueprint  stakeholder  q3  2018  value  proposition  collaboration  research  ethnography  social  media  interview 
29 days ago by csrollyson
How to Create an Effective Customer Journey Map [Examples + Template]
Simplistic but still useful explanation of customer #journey #map value proposition and how to create maps + templates #CX
journey  map  customer  experience  service  design  example  value  proposition  reference  template  b2b  b2c  restaurant  realestate  model  howto  marketing  ecommerce  website  blueprint  csr19 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
Parallel Profits Blueprint and Review - YouTube
Parallel Profits Blueprint here: See the Parallel Profits Blueprint and Review here: In this video, I describe Parallel Profits, share my personal experience with opportunity and demand, and explain why you should consider Parallel Profits. I also cover our exclusive bonuses! Make sure you get the Parallel Profits BluePrint Book through our link to get hardcoded to us:
Parallel  Profits  Blueprint  and  Review 
7 weeks ago by littlebizresources
Abris en bois - L’Atelier Paysan
Voici les plans de 3 abris fixes en bois de petite taille (10-15m²), sous différentes configurations et pouvant répondre à un panel d’usages varié. Tous issus de sessions de conception participative lors de formations de l’Atelier Paysan, cet inventaire est appelé à s’enrichir de nouvelles versions au fil des années.
house  construction  blueprint  lang:fr  diy 
november 2018 by whilelm

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