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Oprogramowanie openSUSE
There's no BlueJ in the Fedora's repositories but there's a BlueJ package for Fedora… in the openSUSE Software website.
lang-en  java  bluej  fedora  opensuse  rpm 
june 2018 by pskosinski
Introduction to Java Programming – Part 1 | edX
Learn the fundamental elements of Java programming and data abstraction.
intro  java  programming  bluej 
april 2015 by gdw
Erweiterung für BlueJ zur Programmierung von Lego Mindstorms mit der LeJOS Firmware. Entwickelt an der Uni Paderborn.
tools  programming  mindstorms  lejos  bluej 
november 2013 by jneug
Introduction to Programming with Greenfoot
Object-Oriented Programming in Java with Games and Simulations

Michael Kölling
java  games  teaching  blueJ 
october 2013 by gdw

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