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IBM / RedHat: A grand play at out-sharing Microsoft’s open source economy
"So what it’s really about, is cornering the growing appetite for Open Source in the enterprise IT services market. As Paul Cormier, President of Product and Technologies at RedHat recently announced “Today is a banner day for open source. The largest software transaction in history and it’s an open source company. Let that sink in for a minute. We just made history.”
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19 days ago by jonerp
IBM Red Hat: Reading the tea leaves
"Reading the tea leaves, though I wonder if this signals

a) The end of another hype cycle for AI?

I saw a recent Fortune issue which was all about AI and I wondered if that is a signal of the peak of the current AI hype cycle. BTW, we are going through the 4th or 5th hype cycle around AI. They appear and disappear every decade or so. As I wrote in Silicon Collar"
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20 days ago by jonerp
CMS Commander - Manage Multiple WordPress Sites Lightning Fast
Giving access to spinning article is pretty cool as an additional thing. Though it's confusing if it really is native and how good it is if it is native, vs its integration with WP Robot (same company I think)
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may 2017 by skinnymuch
Wordpress Automatic Plugin by ValvePress | CodeCanyon
"Wordpress Automatic Plugin posts from various sources to Wordpress automatically.

It can post quality targeted articles, Amazon Products, Clickbank Products, Walmart products, Youtube Videos, Vimeo videos , DailyMotion videos, Feeds posts, eBay auctions, Flicker images, Instagram Images, Pinterest pins,Reddits ,Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, Craigslist classifieds, Itunes apps/songs/ebooks/movies/podcasts, Envato items and SoundCloud songs on auto-pilot."
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april 2017 by skinnymuch
Wordpress Auto Spinner - Articles Rewriter by ValvePress | CodeCanyon
"Wordpress auto spinner rewrites wordpress posts automatically to convert it to fresh new content by replacing words and phrases by it’s synonyms on auto pilot using it’s built in synonyms database or optionally using one of the best spinning services api including..

SpinRewriter api api api
ChimpRewriter api api api
Languages Supported: english flag English Turkish

Works with Wordpress Automatic Plugin which can post from various sources to wordpress on complete auto-pilot"
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april 2017 by skinnymuch
Zack Snyder Sucks - Zack Snyder Net Worth
Lol, they just used the search engine shiz for the name. Since Sucks is just my search keyword
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march 2016 by skinnymuch
ProgramWith - Site
The url is tagwith, but the site name is ProgamWith

As of Nov 1, 2015: "Hi, there are totally 1884266 questions asked till now, you are browsing 0-600 of them. Find answers for a question? Use Google Search on navigation bar or try our full-text search here; Ask question? Submit new question here"

So almost 2M questions, they are saying. How many questions are on Stackoverflow right now? Obviously using their content.
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november 2015 by skinnymuch
Phone Verification For Your Accounts Done Easy
"This is a place to have your phone verifications done for a small fee or to offer phone verifications for others!"
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july 2015 by skinnymuch
ESPN Insider Articles Free
Posting ESPN Insider articles on a Google Adsense ridden site with almost no design. And the scraping is badly done too. But still, def something people want. Found it via a one poster, likely the site owner, posting a link to it in a related forum discussion in early 2013. Site is still up as of late 2014. -- Bottom says: "Powered by"
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september 2014 by skinnymuch
WP Mayor - WordPress Plugins, Themes, Hosting, Tutorials & more!
Shows a lot of paid things and some focus on Wordpress plugins so you don't have to code which doesn't interest me. But def. not whitehat as it shows things like auto-scraping for blog posts and content spinning.
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july 2014 by skinnymuch
Twitter / daviottenheimer: MT @VS_ RT @451wendy Gutmann ...
RT : MT RT Gutmann explained why never listen 2 Spock <Best. Summary. Ever!<my 2012 talk
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december 2013 by versus
Fitbit Flex | Review and Best Place to Buy
Simple exact domain match "blog" that links you to purchase a Fitbit Flex through affiliate links
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july 2013 by skinnymuch
Best Daily Deals and Coupons | Yipit
Without the trendy design "skin" and web 2.0 features this seems like any other MFA coupon site.
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june 2013 by skinnymuch

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