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Why tech’s favorite color is making us all miserable
When I was 14, I saved up money from my first web design job to trick out a really nice gaming PC. I outfitted my computer with tons of blue LED fans, and I kept it on at night, right next to my bed. Shortly after, I realized my sleep patterns were changing. via Pocket
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yesterday by EricScottTaylor
Study: Blue light from screens can steadily blind us
The negative health effects of blue light emitted from our laptops, mobile devices, and other digital screens are common knowledge: Tech’s favorite color inhibits the body’s production of melatonin and alerts us awake, throwing off our sleep cycles. via Pocket
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yesterday by EricScottTaylor
Logitech Buys Blue Microphones in US$117M Acquisition
Blue Microphones, a perennial favourite amongst streamers and content producers, has been acquired by tech giant Logitech in a cash-only acquisition worth US$117 million. Responsible for the iconic Yeti and Snowball condenser microphones, this acquisition will result in Logitech taking over the microphone manufacturer’s product lineup. Immediately apparent are the radically different approaches to product...

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Logitech  Buys  Blue  Microphones  in  US$117M  Acquisition 
10 days ago by vrzone
Mastering the mystical art of model deployment – Julien Simon – Medium
With all the talk about algorithm selection, hyper parameter optimization and so on, you could think that training models is the hardest part of the Machine Learning process. However, in my…
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